Monday, 4 July 2011

New Series

Okay, well I have been trying to muddle through this in my head, so I thought, if I tell you guys about it then it might make a bit more sense.  The series is called: Paying It Forward... I am thinking of it being in a series of Novellas like Lynn Hagen's; Brac Pack.

The basis behind paying it forward, is that two drunk, and bored, Leprechauns, decide for shits and giggles to pass on some of their powers; just to see what happens.  I thought that with the ending of each book the main characters could pass their gifted powers (Paying in forward), to the main characters of the next book. The Two Leprechauns I have named Shanahan Doherty,  and Fergal Dalbhach.  I will keep these two guys as background and sometimes interfering secondary characters in each story.

Book 1 is: Harlin's Heart; and is about Duke Harlin, who is a man that likes structure in his life. Things need to be done in a set way.  He is comfortable if he has everything in his life planned well in advance..  & Joel Roxby, (Roxy), who is his exact opposite in every way.  Roxy is chaos on legs, and is the most flamboyant person that Duke has ever laid eyes on.

With the help of  interfering friends, on both their sides, (& Leprechauns),  who think that they will be perfect for each other as Duke will calm Roxy down, and Roxy will shake up Duke's world just a little.

This is as far as I have gotten with planning, I am hoping that it is something that will interest people.  Thanks for letting me tell you all about it.

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  1. Sounds interesting. I love the idea of the premise of the book being that they are pay something forward.