Friday, 30 March 2012

I Got Another Contract Contract!!!

GOOD NEWS: One Last Kiss Goodbye has been picked up by Silver Publishing. I have already started on the edits and as soon as that is done I will start on the Blurb and the Cover Art request... I am so fricken stoked it is unbelievable. I honestly thought I would have to wait the full eight weeks to be given a yes or a no. I can't wait to see what the cover will look like.

If I read the contract right it is being released in June on some date that I can't quite think of and am too lazy to go back and look up right at this moment.

BAD NEWS: Is my cell phone blew up - well not so much blew up, it just kind of fizzled out and died, and because of what generation it is I can't get it fixed or reconditioned - so I bit the bullet and went and got a new one... A touch screen - man I hate those sorts of phones, but the ones with normal buttons the numbers were too small so I have to learn a whole new way of doing crap now - it took me 3 months to learn how to answer the last one and now I somehow  have to master a new one. I did the smart thing and got one exactly like my daughters so she can teach me. Regardless I will probably end up in some weird places and call numbers that I have no clue how I done it... so if I have your number and I don't answer TXT MSG or I don't answer then you know I probably screwed something up.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Will You Catch Me When I Fall?

I woke up today feeling inspired and never wrote a damn thing mind you it is only 11 am for me so I still have plenty of time.

I have been thinking a lot lately about falling. and I don't mean the everyday tripping that is just a given for me. My whole body is a map of bruises some days - sad but true story - I have an inner ear balance thing  happening.

What I am talking about is the feeling of having your whole world ripped apart who will be the ones standing there to pick you up and dust you off. Will it be who you expect or someone that shocks the shit out of you... This is what is running through my head of late. I know there is a story in there somewhere... I am just trying to figure it all out in my head before I fill you all in.

I think I would need to come up with a title or an inspirational picture before I even attempt writing it. But I just wanted to share that with you. If any of you have ideas or an inspirational picture, or even a title please feel free to share them with me.

PS... I have been think about On the Flipside of Reverse - Or more to the point my character Tucker - the drunken witch.

Kylfa is not going to have a clue when Tucker walks into his life and turns his  world upside down.

Could you imagine the havoc Tucker could cause in our Viking village - Brislaine is in for a shock when  Tucker winds up in it midst.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What's Up!!!

Okay not much has been happening of late. I have just been taking it easy since I finished both Father's Day stories.

Though yesterday I went and had another tattooing session and had all the outline put in for the final part to my Halloween sleeve - one of the guys that works in the tattoo shop picked it out it is called the pumpkin princess - I think - at least it will match all the other stuff I have going on with lots more bats. I will post a picture as soon as Rodney emails me the photograph so you can all see what I have going on. I didn't even realise I was getting tattooed until I saw it on my calendar but all is good.

What's next on my agenda  in the writing world - well Emily has put in the request that I write The Diamond Rose and the sequel to my freebie Shadows on the Heart - so I have pulled out On The Flipside of Reverse - to work on Tucker & Kylfa's story. I was going to extend SOTH - but than thought no I will leave it as the freebie short story. I don't really want to mess with it and screw it up. - though for Emily I am extending it... LOL.

The Diamond Rose is actually a story where Emily helped me come up with the characters and plot ... she even came up with the title - so if you ask her the whole story is hers and I am just the writer. I have been told that I have to dedicate the whole thing to her.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Out of Time...

Okay I have run out of time to do my blog story today - Real life has a way of taking over when I think I have enough hours - then poof! They are gone.

I have been a busy little person trying to catch up on everything but something had to give and today it is the Blog Story Wind Walkers I will have to get it done for tomorrow.

We have had a full on day of doing yard work and washing so I am completely bloody knackered. Not as much as the poor Hubs and Emily though - as they got most of the outside chores.

I am off now to fold up the mountain of washing and watch a DVD while I do it not sure what yet - Em says I have to watch Part 1 of Breaking Dawn... if she is helping me than I guess that is what it will be.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

It's Done...

I have finally finished the MLR Father's Day story and have sent it off to the Beta Readers. Hopefully it will get back sooner rather than later. so to celebrate I am gonna play you a song... and tomorrow I will get around to doing my blog story... I may even change blog story day to Sundays - not sure yet. When Souls Collide ended at 23,470 word count but that could change in editing.

Seriously I prefer the other guy singing for the Goo Goo Dolls, but I do love this song.

Just because Jacob Dylan is fricken HOT!!!

Loved this guys voice - he died too young.

This one is because I lost my Tonic CD and can't find it.
I suspect somebody borrowed it with the intent of keeping it.

Friday, 23 March 2012

For Nancy

When Souls Collide.

Here is a teaser: About Riley Stuart.

Question - What is the stupidest thing an openly gay Australian man can do?
Answer - Move to America (Texas to be exact), and marry a woman.

Name: Noah Johnson
Age: 25
Occupation: Rancher
Ranch: The Triple H (Near Seguin, Texas)
Nationality: American.

Name: Riley Stuart
Age: 22
Occupation: Ranch hand
Ranch: The Golden Spur & The Triple H
Nationality: Australian. (Nambour, Queensland)

Thursday, 22 March 2012


Today I have just passed the 16 K mark on my MLR Father's Day story - When Souls Collide. I am trying something different with this story as I am writing about cowboys on a ranch in Texas. Seriously finding it hard to think in American for the spelling.

In this story we meet Noah Johnson - owner of the Triple H ranch. 25 years old. who takes in an Australian man -Riley Stuart  22 years old and Kai -  his two month old son .

I have really been enjoying writing this one, though, I think my poor editor might have a heart attack as it is half in Aussie way of spelling and half in American. I will have to swap the computer to American spell check at the end and just go through it before I send it to Kimberly.

when I finish it I will post the blurb here for you all to have a gander at.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Jo Ramsey - The Dark Lines...

Once again I am showing you some excellent works from the wonderful YA writer Jo Ramsey. I think YA books are a must in this world and most of them are bloody good. I am not going to ramble on a lot as I think Jo can say it better herself with giving us all the pertinent info:

Jet Black is the third novel in Jo Ramsey's young adult urban fantasy series The Dark Lines, and is the first Dark Lines novel from Featherweight Press. (Books 1 and 2 are available from Jupiter Gardens Press, The series, about a group of teenagers with psychic abilities who become drawn into the universal war between the forces of light and forces of darkness, started off as one book, The Black Bridge. Then the characters took over, and the series is now 30 books long, with ten of those forming a separate but related series that takes place nearly twenty years earlier than the rest of the books.  Book 2 is When Darkness Falls.

Book 3

With the help of their new friend Misty, Topher James and his friends must fight a force of darkness. But is Misty really on their side?

When Topher James and Blake Walker receive an email from a girl named Misty saying that "something dark" has taken her sister, they know they will have to once again fight the force of darkness they've fought before. The nightmares Topher's girlfriend Callie Monroe is having confirm that, and also warn against becoming involved with Misty. But something about Misty sucks Topher in, and he's unable to resist her.

Alienated from Callie and his friends because of Misty, Topher still intends to fight the darkness. But it---and Misty---have other plans, and only Faith Carlisle can make Topher see the light before it's too late.

Monday, 19 March 2012

A Day Off - Well Kind Of...

Today I have done absolutely Jack shit in the writing department... Got my Flu shot so I am taking a break well kind of... I have been working on promotional idea's for The Lines of Marsden... With the help of my  new friend D.W. Skinner I am obtaining some wonderful character pictures... I already have:

Michael Marsden
Christian Risely
Doyle Kerwin

We are working on others as we speak... I just have to decide which characters I want to be represented on the Trading Cards. So I am waiting for Emily to come home from work so she can help me nut it out. Though sadly while I was thinking things through some of the future story lines have shifted so I see some series re tweaking coming my way. Hopefully it won't take forever - LOL.

I even remembered to update my widgets on this blog as well man I am so slack at that. here check out some of  D.W. Skinner's work on Deviant Art and you will see why I am getting this wonderful person to help me. (Unless you are my family then you may not want to see what I have been looking at for days on end - though Bren, if you do go look make sure Joe is there and freak him out for me - LOL).

Hopefully by tomorrow I will be back to writing as I want to finish the MLR Father's Day Story - When Souls Collide. The early I get it to the editor the easier it will be on both of us. I am about halfway done so I hope to finish by Wednesday... That will give Beta Reader Sue time to do her betaring for the Good Reads: Love Is Always Write  Free Reads Event  (You will need to be a member of the GoodReads MMRomance group to be able to access the link - so now would be a good time to join if you haven't already - you will also have to be a member of GoodReads  - so you may need to join there as well.)

On that note I will say that I subbed the Father's Day Novella - One Last Kiss Goodbye to Silver so I have an 8 week wait ahead of me. I figure I have a 50/50 chance of getting picked up... I will keep you all informed on whether we will be celebrating or commiserating - either way we can do it together - LOL.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

I am Away Today - Tattoo Convention

 Okay, the Bottom two are Emily's tattoos, mind you they have now been completed into a half sleeve. as have mine... I will post some more pictures when then get released by Sink The Ink - Tattoo and Body Piercing. Wish us luck...

 We should almost have out full sleeves done by GRL...

Friday, 16 March 2012

Death in the Family

Due to the death of mentor and friend William Neale I am postponing blog story Wind Walkers # 13 until Sunday. This news saddens me beyond belief and I for once am speechless. So I will play a bit of a home grown Aussie band Powderfinger to say... something.

R.I.P. William Neale

Truly the loss of a great talent.
My heart goes out to his partner Marty, family & loved ones
they are in my heart and thoughts.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Q & A with A.T. Weaver.

How long have you been writing?

I started writing in the fall of 2003 when I was 60 years old.

How do you choose which genre and flavour your story line will take, and what influences your choice?

That’s hard to answer. So far, I’ve only written about gay men. My first two books were very tame sexwise. The gay men I know told me I needed to stop writing like a straight grandmother and more like a gay man.
The last story is somewhat different in that it deals with Paganism, reincarnation and historical fact. I’m not sure where it even came from.

What is your specific writing style, if any?

I have a tendency to write in sections. I’ll write one scene and then think of something that is going to happen later and write that scene then tie the various sections together.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging about bringing a story to life?

Naming the characters and deciding on a title. I tend to name everyone with the same first initial.

Who is your favourite character you‘ve written to date and why?

I think that would have to be Andrew in my first book. I based his personality on a couple of guys whom I’ve never met but who were part of the group that got me into writing in the first place. When Alex meets him, Andrew is an ornery teenager who teases him unmercifully. Alex nicknames him Imp for his personality and for the tattoo on his shoulder.
Although, Danny in the book I’m working on is fast becoming a favourite.

Which character in your body of works was the hardest to write?

I think Carol, Alex’s wife in Acceptance. I know the sex scene between the two of them was the hardest.

Which stories have you enjoyed working on the most and why?

I think First Impressions. Because of the research into the geography of California I had to do.

What will people come away with after reading your books?

I hope they’ll understand that gay people are just people. Like straight people, they want to love and be loved. Contrary to a lot of stereotypical beliefs, they can form lasting loving relationships.

What are you currently reading?

A book of short stories about gay men by a composer named George Robb. He’s a member of the Heartland Men’s Chorus of Kansas City. The book is called Why Not.

I’ve also been following the adventures of Tal and Alex in A. M. Burns Yellow Sky series.

 What music is in your stereo at the moment? And does it influence the way you write?

I don’t listen to much music – I like it quiet.

When I do, it’s usually Matt Alber or something old by Neil Diamond or John Denver.

Are you still as passionate about writing as you were when you first started?

Probably even more so. When I started, I never expected to write more than one book.

Name three Authors you read over and over again?

Nora Roberts
Jude Deveraux
Anne McCaffery

Can you share any of your current WIPS?

Right now I’m working on an untitled work about a high-school senior who comes out by breaking the nose of a soccer teammate. Shortly after graduation, he goes to Pride and meets the man of his dreams.

For those readers that have yet to know you please tell us something about yourself.

I’m a mother of four, grandmother of ten, and great-grandmother of one (so far). I live alone with my cat, Cleo, in an apartment building for the elderly. I don’t feel I’m elderly, but the Government says I am. I was married for twenty-three years and have been divorced for twenty-seven.
I attend church at Spirit of Hope Metropolitan Church of Kansas City where I am one of a handful of straight people.
I sing, play the autoharp and love to read. I spin wool into yarn and like to weave. Although since taking up writing, the spinning and weaving have been pushed aside.

Find A.T. Weaver at:


Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Just wanted to let you know that I have finished my novella I plan on submitting to Silver Publishing. So I need you all to keep everything you can crossed for me. I am hoping this will be the first on many new stories from me.

One Last Kiss Goodbye.
Word Count: 26,004

BLURB:  (May work on this Blurb)

His whole life Jacen Ives had to hide his feeling's from the one person he knew he was meant to love. Leaving Queensland to get away from the happy family Kayne as making for himself didn't help - because his heart could never forget.

A mistake made at eighteen set Kayne's future in place. So with one last kiss goodbye he lied and let his heart walk away – in the form of his best friend’s younger brother. They say time heals all wounds, yet sometime it just confuses the matter especially when Kayne has two young children to raise. 

On that note, I will away as I have another Father;s day Story to finish and a 4th of July story calling my name...

Great review on: 

Toowoomba Boys 2: Hunting for Clay 
Literary Nymphs

Toowoomba Boys 1: Angels on Top
Smoocher's Voice Reviews

A.T. Weaver...

Today I am promoting a new friend of mine... It is simply amazing the different and fascinatingly talented people I have met since starting on my writing career last year. Yes I have written for years, but it was only January 2011that I actually decided to submit my work.

A.T. Weaver is one such amazing person so now I will share with you her new release. Catriona's Curse.


When Sunny Nelson walks into the house built by an ancestor, strange things start happening. First, he senses an attraction to April Davis. He hasn’t been attracted to a woman since he discovered the difference between boys and girls. Of course as soon as he sees her brother, Jeff, he forgets April. Later, as he turns the old house into a B&B, he starts having dreams and visions about people who lived in the house. As he and Jeff attempt to build a relationship, Jeff becomes upset when Sunny reverts to the Pagan rituals taught to him by his grandmother.

Together April, Jeff and Sunny work to discover the secret of Catriona’s Curse.

I arrived at the house about six Tuesday evening; Jim was stripping paint from the mopboard in the library. I asked, “Is Sunny here?”

“He went toward the orchard about an hour ago with a backpack and Fetcher.”

“What’s he doing out there?”

“Sunny is the only one of us kids who still sometimes practices the Pagan rituals our mother’s mother taught us,” Jim explained. “You and April were probably raised on Mother Goose and the Brothers Grimm. We grew up on tales of Queen Maev, Connor mac Nessa and Cuchulain. Today is Mabon or the Autumnal Equinox; he’s gone to commune with the Goddess and celebrate the harvest.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I got the idea from Sunny he was Christian.

“Well, we were raised to believe in Christianity, but the family also honors the religion of our ancestors Mother’s mother taught us. We try to observe the holidays in some manner. It’s usually just in the foods we eat and the color of candles we burn, but sometimes Sunny takes it a little further, especially if something’s bothering him. Lately, something’s seemed on his mind besides remodeling. I don’t think it’s only the dreams either.”

I frowned and said, “Maybe I shouldn’t interrupt him.”

“Go on. I doubt if he’ll mind. In fact, I think he’s expecting you.”

I wondered at this because I hadn’t planned on coming out tonight. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing.

I knew it would be dark before I got back, so I grabbed the flashlight out of my car and headed across the pasture. When I got to the brook, Fetcher lay on a blanket spread on the grass. I smelled the scent of cinnamon from the candle burning on the witches’ stone. Also on the stone was a bottle of wine, two glasses and some food. Sunny stood totally nude in the middle of the brook facing away from me toward the west. In the glow of the setting sun, he looked like a god. Although I didn’t know much about Celtic gods, I seemed to remember the name Lugh as a being similar in nature to Apollo, the Greek God of Light.

Fetcher gave a soft woof as I approached and Sunny turned.

I caught my breath at the sight of Sunny’s muscular body. I thought him attractive Labor Day in his surfer trunks, but seeing him totally naked and aroused, I realized what made the front of his jeans fit so snugly. Droplets of water dripped from his hair and ran down his chest like shiny silver ribbons in the rays of the setting sun. My body responded at the sight of him. A feeling of anticipation caused my stomach to flutter.

As nonchalantly as I could, I asked, “Isn’t it a bit cool for skinny dipping. Besides, the water isn’t deep enough to swim in.”

“The water’s fine; come on in.”

Although I wanted him, I wasn’t ready for him to see my body’s reaction to him. “I think I’ll pass,” I answered.

Sunny maintained a steady gaze as he taunted, “Chicken.”

I stared back into his eyes. I felt hypnotized and started removing my clothes. As I stripped, I walked toward the water. Sunny held out his right hand. I took it and stepped into the water. As I started to speak, Sunny placed the index finger of his left hand over my lips, “Shhh.”


Okay, Tomorrow I am going to post the Q & A that A.T. Weaver did for me... So until then you will just have to wait and wonder.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Techno Savvy I Am Not!!!

As some of you may or may not know, I have been helping out on a friends blog while he is ill... It is drama central as I can't get the posts to look right... I seem to always have major spacing issues over there. It took me nearly two hours to do the post today.

I have just been rambling on about my favourite MM books I have so many that I like to share with everyone and he has the blog space to do it on.

So if anyone needs an M/M book reviewed you can send it to me Or Randy and he will get straight onto it.

If any one is interested in promoting their books on my Blog feel free to leave me contact details and I can get back to you on when  and what you would like to blog, I am a M/M author but I don't mind posting the occasional M/F or F/F or M/M/F or F/F/M (You get the picture).

I don't really have anything to talk about today so I just thought I would fill you in on what I am doing aside from my own stuff...

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Em's Turn

I really think Rob Thomas is a bit of a cutie.

Just like this one

Still a cutie.

Do I need to say it - still a cutie.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Short & Sweet!!!


Quick update so you will know why I am so freaking busy & stressed. I know I probably have too much on mu plate but I think I have the stories in my head why not try and get them out there for everyone else to read as well. I think someone `mose well enjoy them rather than them collecting dust inside my mind. Well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it - LOL.

On Writing: wordage.

When Souls Collide - 11,160 - Due April 14th
What The Hell Am I Supposed To Do? - 554 (I scrapped it and started again) - Due May 1st.
One Last Kiss Goodbye - 7007 - Due April 10th

On Subbing:

Still working on Windblown Kisses: My Knight In Tarnished Armour. (77K)  still doing up the last tidy up before subbing.

On Edits:

I have just finished round two on The Lines of Marsden: Rules Are Meant To Be Broken and am waiting for the editor to get back to me it is Currently just over 76K


I am doing two Christmas shorts I have no clue what they are about as yet but I will let you know when I have some sort of a story idea.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Oh To Be Fit & Flexible.

If I was able to do this and not freak out in fear of falling and/or hurting myself, this is the one sport that I would really like to do. For some reason this ability truly amazes me, and I just sit back and watch and think WOW!!! I so want to write a story where one of my characters does this. So sit back and I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Parkour & Freerunning...

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Em's Turn

I get 4 this week because I missed out last Sunday.

Seriously who doesn't like a bit of Tim Curry.

T Rex is just awesome - he died too young.

For my mum, who s a huge Bowie freak.

Just cause I can - love the beret. 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Albuquerque Here We Come!!!

Emily & I are registered for GayRomLit. 
Booking flights and hotel tomorrow.

5 Things That Piss Me Off In Writing

Okay, I woke up at midnight last night I couldn't turn my brain off and the more I thought about writing there were more and more things that just pissed me off. So I thought I would share.

1- The major one is language barriers between Australian English and American English. - Seriously I think you guys need to think about joining us, (mainly so I don't keep screwing it up). in two of my stories I have both an Aussie and an American main character - So what version am I supposed to write it in. Because I know my editor will kick my arse if I use both.

2- Why do people think they can write your story better than you? and I am not talking other authors or editors - I am talking family and friends. How many times I have heard "I liked it, but I would have written it like this." On: One Last Kiss Goodbye (Title still in thought.) I have a friend tell me exactly how it was going to end and proceeded to tell me - I was like well hang on now, I am writing it and I don't know where it is headed so how can you? (By the way I am 7K into the story).

3- Why is it every time I receive edits it ends up going back to the editor with way more words? The Lines of Marsden: Rules Are Meant To Be Broken, went back to my MLR editor with nearly 4K extra. I don't understand when I reword things I end up like doubling the sentence. Somehow I think my editor is pulling her hair out right about now - (Does it help if I say sorry, Kimberly.)

4- Why is it I am so bad at promoting? Actually it's not that I am bad at it I just forget to do it. Though I did remember to promo Toowoomba Boys 2: Hunting for Clay on Talking Two Lips Yahoo site - check it out if you have time. There are such great excerpts going on there take a look at what is coming out.

5- This is another thing I hate and I do it oh so often  - Why the hell do I keep losing my notes? Why can't I be more professional and keep them all in the same place? I even lose them on the computer sometimes because I can never remember where I save them to. I spend so much time trying to track them down.