Thursday, 17 January 2013

Bush Bashin' - My Australia Day story


 G’day mate. For a true blue ripsnorter of a time, stop by and have a chin wag and some tucker at the annual Aussie Day barbie…I’ll even shout ya a stubbie or two if ya lucky.

 My name is Jeremiah Haines, but most people call me Frog. This is the story of how I uprooted my life, moving from Brisbane to a small cattle station in Western Australia. Between the crocs in the yard, the station hands giving me the cold shoulder, and the neighbouring station recruiting me to put their Australia Day barbie together, it’s no wonder I’m in over my head. And that’s before I take into account my unexpected attraction to sexy cowboy Ren Fielding. What’re the chances I’ll make it through Australia Day with both my mind and heart intact?

I will add the BUY LINK when it is available which should be in about 9 days...


  1. I am so looking forward going down under for a uproaring goodtime book. 9 days huh? Blimy mate that just curls my I tried!!


    1. 'Blimey Mate that just curls me knickers' - LOL - that would be a Pommy (English) saying not and Aussie one - we would have said something like -"Well, smack my arse and call me Cindy, that's just awesome as..."