Saturday, 21 May 2011

Beautiful According To Me # 2

To me this picture is absolutely stunning, and not just because it is two naked men in a bathtub together.  To me this picture is sensual; romantic even.  They say I picture says a thousands words... I say a picture tells an amazing story.

It makes you think... how did they meet? Was it love at first sight? Are they just strangers in the night? Will they have a happily ever after? Or are they doomed to fail?

This is a picture that my friend emailed me, and I have kept it just so that at some stage I can write my version of their lives.  I'm not sure who they are or where they are from, but I know that they are gonna have love on some level.


  1. I agree it is a beautiful picture and to me, it speaks of love. There is a connection there; intimacy. That doesn't happen between strangers. I can definitely see the HEA.

  2. I totally agree with this. If I was writing a story to this I wouldn't say that they are strangers in the night because there is to much love in their eyes.

    There is so much sensuality in that picture and it it trully beautiful!