Sunday, 19 November 2017

Family Dinners & Malcolm Young

Went to a BBQ at Emily & Elliot's last night with his Mum and step-dad... it was pretty awesome. Haven't laughed so much in a good long time. Gil & Morey just feel like they're a part of my family that I haven't seen in a while and are popping in for a visit... Let's just say poor Elliot hasn't got a hope in hell of ever living down the fly screen incident of his youth. The only downer was the weather wasn't very agreeablebloody raining.

My ears are feeling a tad better and my leg isn't as sore this morning. On Tuesday after I go back to Dr Bond I should find out just how much better they are. I can tell you I'm sick to death of medication.

On sadder news: I heard Malcolm Young died age 64 another music legend has passed on. they had so many awesome hits over the years. I guess he'll live on through his music like all the others who we have lost. Here's a bit of old school AC/DC just because I can.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Hard to believe that 2017 is nearly over and done withonly 44 days until the New Year is here. Honestly, I personally can't wait. I am so over this year and the two which preceded this one. 2018 has got to be better for me at least. I won't say it will be great for everyone because let's face it, that's a huge task to ask. I've had three crap years in a rowI think I'm due to have a good one now. I really need to get back into my writing. I hate not being able to write.

I'm still all tensed up, so I think that I may have pulled a muscle in my thigh when I fell in the garden yesterday. And because I use my legs so much throughout the day it hurts like a bitch. I hope it all clears up soon.

Not sure if I remembered to tell you I had to resend in Moon Runners 2: I Won't Let You Go because it went missing somehow... shit happens and I understand that. I'm now a week into waiting for the second time. I hope I don't have to wait for another three months. I'll let you know more when I do.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Willow, Yes, & Gardening...

Well, I finally managed to get Willow to eat something after the death of her brother, Droogie three weeks ago. She had been eating tiny amounts just enough to get by... My cat who has never eaten cat food in her life is absolutely loving Fancy Feast cat food. I don't care what it is as long as she is eating something.

She is not liking the fact that I'm now weaning her back off the milk. she loves milk, but sadly milk does not love Willow... it upsets her little tummy. She sits in front of the fridge because she knows that's where the milk lives in our house. It doesn't help that she is housebound while our house is being painted on the outside. Hopefully, only another week to go.

She still occasionally does the rounds of the house looking for Droogie, but mostly she is getting back to normal. Though she has become very clingy where I am concerned. she doesn't like me being out of her sight.

So as most of you heard... Yesterday, Australia voted YES! We have spoken, and now we have to just wait for the politicians to get it all together. the Prime Minister says will be done by Chrismas... we'll see. For some reason, I don't think Politicians ever get things done on time if there's nothing in it for them... Now if it was a vote for them to get a raise it would have been done last Easter. All I can say is, it's about bloody time. I may not be LGBTQI myself, but I strongly support those who are.

I did some gardening yesterday... mainly weeding, and because my ears still aren't back to normal I got dizzy spells and fell over four times, but at least it's done now. I must have wrenched something inside because now my whole body feels like I have been beaten to shit... or that I've done hours of very intense exercise and I'm still recovering... but really it was just me falling over... LOL. Luckily no one saw mewhat a sight that would have been.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

I Have A Headache...

I just can't seem to kick this bitch of a headache. the more I try the harder she digs in and holds on. On a good note, my ears aren't as bad as the Dr's first thought. They're more filled with a bad case of dermatitis, which isn't helping matters. the specialist used this little vacuum that felt like he was trying to suck my eyeball out through my ear. I have to go back and see Dr Bond on the 21st━I'm so not looking forward to that. Though, I go to my regular Dr on the 13th for a check-up.

I did just sign up for some MASSIVE WINTER GIVEAWAY... Is it bad if I say I have no clue what it's for? But as soon as I find out I'll let you all know. I'm sure Dawn White will be filling me in soon on what's happening. I do know that I'm not the only author and that not all the authors are MM. I think they cross all genres. I'm sure whatever it is━it should be interesting as hell. I'll just have to promote my old stuff seeing as I haven't actually got any new stuff.

I've once again gotten in contact with FIREBORN PUBLISHING again to see what's happening with Moon Runners 2: I Won't Let You Go... seeing as it's been 4 months and I still haven't heard from them. I figure it's either gotten misplaced or deleted or something. Hopefully next time I'll have something to tell you. I've had manuscripts disappear on me before (not with Fireborn)... but it has been known to happen, so I can't hold it against them if it has happened this time. But enquiring minds want to know what the hell happened to it... Okay. Truthfully maybe I just remembered about it and figured I better ask when I realised how long it's actually been.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Update Time

My first week of NaNoWriMo has been a bust... I have a bloody double ear infection. I have been on drops and antibiotics that make me queasy as hell. so I've hardly eaten in the last week. I went back to the Dr yesterday and it's no better... so today I'm off to the ear specialist in Ipswich. I'm so not looking forward to that... but if I want to be clear-headed anytime soon I know it's where I have to go. I can tell you for the last week I've had the worst bloody headache. I will keep you updated on how I go at the specialists this arvo. Fingers crossed that it's not something major.

Willow is still looking for Droogie, and not eating as much as I'd like, but at least she's not starving as I'd feared she was doing.

Emily and Elliot are mostly moved into their new place... only the unpacking to go. So glad that it's them and not me. I hate moving house... it's when we realise just how much useless crap we have collected over the years.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

NaNoWriMo Starts Today

Messages From The Dead 


Movements In The Dark

I have to do a combination of the both to make up the 50k necessary

Friday, 27 October 2017

R.I.P. Droogie

I had to say goodbye to my precious fur baby Droogie yesterday (16) he would have been 17 in December. I hated seeing him struggle and fought with the decision for the last two weeks. In my heart I know it was the right thing to do...  I'm going to miss him terribly. Now we only have Willow. The poor thing spent most of last night searching for Droogie and didn't really eat (I got her to eat some cooked chicken today). They haven't been apart a day since they were born from the same litter. I'm hoping she doesn't go downhill.