Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Random Thoughts

Okay, so today's random thoughts are really about writing━my writing.

I've just spent the first two weeks when time permitted going through The Lines of Marsden 4: The Trail of Red Roses... trying to make sense of what I had written. Some of it I'm like seriously, wtf were you thinking? Even I had no clue where the story was going, but hopefully, now I have that all sorted out. So from now on everything should run more smoothly. 

I'm hoping most of the other stories that I already have wordage in aren't in the same way. It would drive me bonkers if I have to rework everything... at least it's given me the chance to delete quite a few overused words... now they won't get picked up during edits and I won't feel as bad... my luck there'll be another word I've overused instead...LOL.

I bought myself a yearly planner to try and keep myself on track. and it will keep me motivated if I can see it all the time. I'll be able to mark things off as I go along.

On another note... I'm off to the doctor today I have to have a Whooping Cough Vaccination needle before Grace is born. I'll get the Dr to check my back out because I woke up yesterday morning and could hardly move.... still bloody sore.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Doyle Kerwin

Series Title: The Lines of Marsden
Books: First Line
Name: Doyle Kerwin (Carleah)
Age: 21 (at time of turning
Species: Vampire
Realm: SE Queensland, Australia
Hair Colour/Type/Length: Black, Just below his ears, and perpetually in a messy state.
Eye Colour/Shape: Hazel
Skin colour Type Pale
Scars/Blemishes: N/A
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 97Kg
Clothing preferred: Jeans, sneakers, t-shirts. He really doesn’t have any fashion sense unless someone else picks out his clothes.
Mannerisms: Doyle is the type of person who will who tries to keep the peace if he can—though he will hold a grudge if someone pisses him off enough. He's kind of quiet and somewhat withdrawn and keeps his feelings close to his chest. Except when it comes to Michael after book 2 that relationship flies on a whole new level.
Favourite Colour: Earthen colours (browns & greens)
Favourite Food: Spaghetti Bolognaise
Favourite Drink: Coke or Coffee
Favourite Band: Good Charlotte
Favourite Books: Sherrilyn Kenyon: Dark Hunter Series
Favourite Movie: Lethal Weapon
Notes: One he knows he’s an omega, he takes his role within the pack and coven to heart and helps where he can. His ability to see mating strands/threads/connections goes a long way in helping him resolve issues or set people on the right paths for them to be on. Doyle is the glue that binds everyone together.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Em's Turn

Iron is low
5 songs to 
pick me up.
Okay, the 5th one 
is because it's been
 over a year now 
since he died.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Beautiful According To Me

Character Inspiration

When I'm looking for characters I find them through pictures that I see on the net, or maybe readers have sent them to me thinking they might make a good vampire, shifter, fey, demon, human, etc. So I'll share a few of my upcoming possible characters. I should add I have no idea who these people are, or where they come from,  just that they are beautiful according to me.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Weekly Report...

I'm still not caught up, but I'm getting there. I know I wasn't going to mention the cat, but I have to,  to explain why I'm not caught up... Oliver/Houdini is a royal pain in my arse. I've had to spend much valuable writing time modifying the cat enclosure to keep the tricksy bastard from getting out... Let's just say I'm not the greatest when it comes to using a staple gun.

Why, oh why couldn't Olli be like the rest of the cats I've had over the years who were just content to be? Why does he feel the need to try and escape out into the fricken streets? He's got a whole house and fully enclosed veranda and yard. Isn't that enough?

Please tell me cats can't hang upside down and climb across cat wire... if they can then I'm well and truly fucked as he'll still escape.

On that note, I actually have been working on The Lines of Marsden 4: The Trail of Red Roses. I've actually been going back through what I already have and making sure it makes sense and changing things where necessary. I hope to be back on track by the end of next week.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

A Step Back In Time...

I'm the one in the yellow dress. I know, because I still have that brooch the other two are my niece, Leigh in the middle... who is now a high school English teacher has just turned 48 if I'm not mistaken... the giggle guts is my nephew Luke who passed away a few years ago in an auto accident. Hit by a drunk driver.... God, look at the lino on the floor. And by the looks of it my dress had Bambi & Thumper on it. If I'm not mistaken this picture was taken at 12 Elizabeth Street, in Gladstone, Queensland. I only every remember carpet on the floor. Man, that lino is ugly, but oh so shiny.

Heatwave Ramble...

I know living in Australia I should be used to the damn heat... but Christ Almighty, I wish it would cool down some, or at least rain to break this dry spell. Somedays it's too hot to damn think let alone sit here and write... even with the aircon on. Which let's be honest, is costing us all a fortune to run these days. We have to have it though, especially those of us with elderly relatives living at home.

Looking out my windows today it is overcast, so I'm hopeful that we might have a break in the weather, but if it's like the last couple of storms they'll last 10 minutes tops... and do jack shit to cool things down, or they'll move around us and we'll miss out completely.

I just need to be able to start thinking again without wanting to constantly change clothes from sweating. Oh, how I miss winter. We never really get cold winters here. so days can get a bit brisk, but other than that they are quite nice. I basically use summer doonas all year round... though, 20 minutes away you will freeze your arse off and be cursing winter to hell and back.

I should mention I'm just bitching and complaining... up here in Sunny Queensland we don't have it anywhere near as bad as some of the other parts of Australia at the moment they're already topping well into the 40°... closer to the 50°... Now that would totally suck and they were out playing test cricket in 47° C heat... then by 6 that night it had dropped to 27°━crazy if you ask me. No wonder people are getting sick.