Thursday, 30 June 2011

Another Snippet

This is a little snippet from a book I have called Jettermane, it is a Vampire/Alien book. the main character is Jett ( Jettermane) who somehow ended up on earth as a baby, and and on his 21st birthday he is being taken home to the world he belongs to.  The Vampire World: Ximenez. Once there, Jett can grow and flourish as he never could before, even as he must learn exactly who he is and what is expected of him.  His destiny is to take his place as the Xerx (Kings spouse) of his people.  He must learn to stand beside Blayze his king and husband, and lend his strength to help rule over the people.  While trying to find out who is killing the citizens of Thorndyke off one by one.

In the beginning

Jett lay in bed and stared at the ceiling, he hated being here.  There were just too many crazy people.  He was pissed that his parents thought of him as a complication in their perfect lives.  Mention once that you dreamed of being a vampire, and the next thing you know you wake up in a strange room; strapped to a bed with someone shoving little pink pills down your throat.  His mother had been to see him once, though, only to stare at him through the glass petition.  The palm of her hand pressed to the glass as tears streamed down her face.  He watched as she mouthed ‘I’m sorry’ before turning away.

That had been almost five years ago, and he was still here in this same room.  The only difference was that now he wasn’t strapped to the bed.  The strange thing was, that he still dreamed of being a vampire; except now his dreams were much more vivid, and involved other people.  Who they were; he did not know, but they felt familiar to him.  He knew they were also vampires.  He could tell by the colour of their skin, so pale, and by the colour of their eyes or lack thereof.  Their eyes were pale grey almost like there was no colour at all; when they neared him he felt the coolness of them pass.

They spoke to him as if he was one of them.  Sometimes he wished he was, then, maybe some of this would have made sense.  Because, this place just sucked all the fun out of living.  He almost wished that his dreams were real.  It would be nice to think he had someone on the outside that cared about him.  Someone he could go to when they finally let him out, if they ever let him out.

Chapter One

“Jett, wake up!”  I was vaguely aware that I was dreaming, yet tonight it was more vivid then I had ever dreamt before.  “Come on man, wake up.  We have to get the hell out of here.  They’re coming.”  Who was coming?  “Three minutes damn!  What am I going to do?  Sorry I have no alternative I have to do this, we gotta go.”

I felt a small sharp jab in the base of my skull and my whole body seemed to twist itself inside out. What the hell was happening?  My eyes flew open only to be blinded by the brightest light that I have ever seen.  My heart was pounding so hard that it felt like it was trying to jump right out of my chest.  I tried to focus on the noise around me; it was like nothing I had ever heard before.  My scream got lost in the sound that tore through my head.  

‘Oh crap, I was dead.’

Death is a funny thing.  Firstly, I never thought it would be this painful.  It kinda feels like a massive hangover; or that you have survived being smashed in the head repeatedly with a sledge hammer.  Secondly, I was extremely thirsty… my throat felt so dry, and it tickled with an itch I couldn’t scratch.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Weekly Read

This week I have chosen as my book of the week: The Cat's Meow- Assassin's Pride: Book 1...  By Stormy Glenn.  I fell in love with the main characters Gage Tynan & Noah Anderson

This is a story that pulled me in from the very first page where innocence meets ruthlessness, and didn’t back down.  It had me reaching for the tissues a number of times.

Noah Anderson’s OCD style of order in his life drew me towards him in an instant.  His compassion and understanding of how things were made my heart tug just that little bit more in his direction.

Gage Tynan is a bad arse, and knows he is a bad arse...  He sees what has to be done, and knows exactly what to do to achieve it... until now.  Everything he has ever known about how to take out a target is thrown out the window when Noah Anderson steps into his life.

Ms Glenn has written this story beautifully, this is a story that I am sure will be on many people’s re read lists

Noah’s antics as he faces the knowledge that he is about to cease to exist at the hands of the strange but attractive Gage, tell the true story of how kind he really is.  He is ok with the dying, as long as Gage keeps his promise to take care of his cat Precious.

I found it intriguing watching Gage’s life slowly turn around as he realised that he is not the scariest thing out there.  I loved how Noah slowly dragged Gage into the place where Gage was now the protector and not the killer.

Ms Glenn showed that by standing together Noah and Gage were stronger than if they faced their problems alone...  By putting aside their initial conflict they banded together to help each other through their own demons.

Gages knowledge that he was meant for better things was an amazing storyline to follow, as his understanding of what was happening came to life he manned up and took control... proving not only to himself, but us as readers, that when fighting for what’s right you have to dig a little deeper... even when what you are fighting for turns out to be a little different and a lot more complicated then what he first thought.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I know that you will too, I can’t wait for the next instalment in this series. And have no problem’s telling you if you haven’t already read this then you are missing out.

The beautiful cover was done by: Reese Dante

I will end with my favourite lines of this story.

“Okay, what should I do now?”  Noah asked, his voice sounding low and shaky. “How is this done?  Are you gonna shoot me or stab me or something else?  What would be easiest for you?”

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Another Snippet

This is a story that I have been mulling over.  It is called Forever & Always... The main characters are Noah Hathaway, Seth Hathaway (who are twins) & Jae Tucker... the series is set in the final year of high school and Jae is a cross dresser... I'm not sure which twin Jae will finally end up with... This story does not involve Twincest. It is my attempt at a YA book.


Noah slowly pulled himself out of the dreaming zone; hitting the switch to turn off his alarm... damn he hated mornings.  Especially when he knew that he would be starting at a new school.  He could hear Seth up and about; Seth was his exact opposite.  Seth loved mornings and he loved school, but then again Seth was a nerd.  Seth was just a third of the triplets.  Em was just like Noah.

Noah chuckled when he heard Emily bitching at Seth, and telling him to fuck off before she knee capped him.

“I’m up already,” Noah grumbled when Seth knocked on his door.  Noah sat up as the door opened and his mother stuck her head in.

“Come on, you are going to be late if you don’t hurry” she grinned as he threw his pillow at her.  “Is that anyway to treat your mother?”

Noah scowled in mock anger.  “Yes, especially when she is being a pain in the arse.”

Tanya Hathaway laughed and dodged the second pillow.  “Get up, we are due at the principal’s office first thing.” When Noah growled she laughed again, “I swear Seth is the only normal one out of you all.”

“Says you; about the boy who is gay.”  Noah’s eyes twinkled.

“He may be gay, but at least he is sure about who he is.”  Tanya arched her eyebrow.

“What is that supposed to mean?”  Noah demanded.

“Think about it.”  Tanya winked as she left the room.

Noah headed towards the bathroom, frowning as he thought about what his mother had said.  Was she trying to tell him that she was gay?  He would have to ask Seth, he always knew what was going on.  Emily would be as clueless as he was.


Noah stared out the window as his mother talked to principal Clarkson; he had filled out his schedule and was bored with the rest of the crap that was going on.  Noah sat up straight and stared at the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, she took his breath away, his palms began to sweat and his heart raced.  Now she would make this final year worthwhile.

“Oh my God,” Seth breathed in his ear.  “He is beautiful.”

Noah’s eyes drifted momentarily to the guy that had his arm draped around the girl’s shoulders.  He was laughing at whatever the girl was saying.  Noah’s breath caught as she reached out and pinched the guy’s nipple, which made him laugh harder.

“You know,” Emily said loudly for everyone in the room to hear.  “You should both put you tongue’s back in your mouth and breathe.”

Principal Clarkson looked out the window and shook his head, getting up he opened the window.  “Johnson... Tucker.  What is the rule about sunlight?”

Noah watched as the couple jumped apart and yelled 'sorry'.

Sunlight rule?  What the hell was that?


Noah sat on a table near the canteen and waited for his siblings to arrive.  This was the first year where they had all been split up.  Noah looked up as Adam James walked towards him.

“So newbie, how is your first day so far?”  Adam said as he sat on the table next to Noah.

“It’s okay. I mean I stand out like a sore thumb, but so far it is okay.”

“Whoa,” Adam was mesmerised as Seth and Emily walked towards them.  “There are three of you.”

Noah sighed deeply, pretending that he was dismayed.  “Sadly my friend, it is true.  Adam meet the other parts of me.  This delightful young woman is Em, she is a sweetie, don’t let the snarl fool you.” Noah laughed as she snarled harder, and flipped him off.  “And this handsome devil is Seth.”

“I’m the gay one.”  Seth said as he held out his hand.

Adam burst out laughing as he shook Seth’s hand.  “Yet strangely, I like you.”

“Sorry babe, but you’re not my type.”  Seth said with a completely straight face, which made Adam laugh even harder.

“Look out, look out; the Adam James party is already in full swing.”  Noah spun around and stared at the speaker.  It was the couple from this morning.

“Yeah, well, it wouldn’t be complete without the dastardly duo,” Adam grinned.  “Ruby, Jae, I would like you to meet the Hathaway triplets, Emily, Seth, and Noah... Seth is the gay one.”

“Really?”  Ruby grinned and pulled Seth into a tight hug, his hands slid down Seth’s body and squeezed his arse, which made Seth squeal.

Noah looked at Jae and she was staring back at him, Noah smiled.  His eye’s ran down and then up her body appreciatively. She had the sexiest legs he had ever seen, but the best part was her face.  Long blonde hair that came to her waist, full lips and the greenest eyes he had ever seen.  He could lose himself in those eyes.  Again his breath caught as she bit her lower lip.

“Noah, buddy, I hate to break it to you, but Jae is a guy.”  Ruby said as he let go of Seth.

Noah’s smile faltered, and shame washed over Jae’s face.  “I need to go to...” he let the sentence drop and pointed towards the office.

Jae blushed, today was the first time that he had ever felt embarrassed by the way he was.  Tears came to his eyes as he watched Noah walk away.

“Awww babe,” Ruby held out his arms and Jae walked into them.  “Don’t let some dumbarse wanker get you down.”

“Yeah, that dumbarse wanker is as gay as Seth is.”

Seth nodded, “He just doesn’t know it yet.”

Monday, 27 June 2011

Works In Progress

Okay, I have no clue what to blog about today so I thought I would just ramble about everything.  I was going to talk about my new series but I am still working that one out.  So I will let you know what I am up to with everything else.
The Lines of Marsden: I am still waiting to hear back from the publisher on this one, and I can tell you that  I find the waiting hard.  Because, at first we had a mix up... I sent it but they never received it; so I had to resubmit and begin my waiting all over again.  So I am hoping to hear back not long after the 9th of July.
I have been also working on other books in the series... mainly book 2: Living in Shadows, but doing bits and pieces on the others.

Windblown Kisses: I have ideas now to expand it to at least 5 books... one of the favourite characters die in book three (for those of you who know, please don't spoil that bit), this death sets off both good and bad things for other character in the preceding books. I am slowly working my way through it.  because, with the ideas that I have I want to jump ahead and write the latter books.  Which sometimes isn't a bad thing, but this time I need to stick to the story line so I don't screw up the sequence of events.

Untamed World:  Sad to say I have a mental block on this one... I began this at age 12, lost it for over 20 years, found it and now I have a mental block.  This to me is annoying as this is the first book I ever attempted to write. And what I have so far is basically what I wrote way back when; I only had to update a few things in it to make it more pleasing to current readers... I.E. the story Grayson tells them in the cave.

Angels on Top:  This is just a Christmas short involving cousins, neighbours, and a stalker.  It basically has a bit of everything in it.  I haven't as yet got plans to send it anywhere, I was talking To my friend Taylor V Donovan about Christmas stories and it just set my mind off in motion.

Day Walkers: I am at the moment going through and changing one of my female characters into a male.  so that he can be the main character for the next story... it will be just a little while before I am finished, and then I can start writing the story again.

As for all the snippets I have been putting up, I am still not sure what will be happening with those ones.  So I have set them to the side for the moment so that I can mull them over for a few moments.

Lastly: I thought I would like to thank all those wonderful people who are following my blog, and even those that just come to visit... Thank-you for your support it means the world to me.

Thursday, 23 June 2011


This snippet is the prologue & part of Chapter One from a book that I could turn into a series but at the moment it is a stand alone book.
the book is called: Taking Chances.  The Main Characters are Thaniel  & Alec... I will apologise in advance that this is a slightly longer post then I would normally do; but I need to post the one night stand and then the meeting for the second time.


Alec couldn’t stop smirking at the guy he looked so out of place.  He seemed familiar; but from where he knew him he didn’t have a clue.  It had taken the poor guy most of the night to work out that he was one of the few straight men in the room.

“You know you’re being mean,” the bartender said as he refilled Alec’s glass.  “I can remember when another young pup wandered in and didn’t know where he was until someone hit on him.”

Alec chuckled, “That was a year ago Freddie.”

“Yeah, but as I recall you still needed somebody to rescue your sweet and extremely straight lily white derriere,” he slapped a perfectly manicured hand onto Alec’s arm.  “So go and rescue the poor guy before someone else decides to play nice.”  Freddie sighed wistfully as he watched the guy.  “That boy is all kinds of yummy.”

Slipping off his stool Alec waded through the dancers to where the guy sat.  He wondered why he hadn’t left after he worked out that Flashes was a gay bar, but then again even a year after finding out for himself, he still came here to drink; though the clientele no longer tried to pick him up they all knew that he was Freddie’s special friend.  Well that, and sometimes he stood in as bouncer and stopped fights from breaking out, which was the role he was playing tonight.

“Hi,” Alec said as he slipped into the seat opposite him.  “You do know this is a gay bar don’t you?”  The guy’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head.  “Are you sure you want to be here?”

The guy nodded and Alec shook his head.  “You don’t look gay, you just haven’t got that vibe about you.”

“I’m not,” he blurted out, “I just needed a place to hang where my girlfriend wouldn’t think to look for me.”

Alec held out his hand.  “I’m Alec.  I’m tonight’s bouncer, and probably the only other straight guy in the club.  Why don’t you come and sit with me at the bar, that way no one else will hit on you.”

“I’m...” he began as he shook Alec’s hand, “Um... I’m Max.”

“Hi Max... nice to meet you,” Alec said as he pulled him to his feet and led him over to the bar.  “You look awful familiar; do I know you from somewhere?  Freddie, hit my friend Max up with a beer... he has girl troubles”

“Ooh darlin,’ here you go,” he said as he handed over the pot, “tell Aunty Freddie all about it.”  It brought a smile to Max’s face.

“Freddie’s a good listener,” Alec said quietly.  “He has sorted out a few of my troubles for me in the past.”

Max stared at the beer in his hands.  “My girlfriend... Tia, she keeps,” he ran a hand through his hair, “she’s very demanding.  I have an ex, and we have a child, ‘Lily,’ she is three.  Tia doesn’t want me to have anything to do with Lily or her mum, and Rachel and I get on really well.”

“Honey, this Tia sounds like trouble... family always comes first baby cakes.  Isn’t that right Alec?”  Alec nodded.

“That’s not the only problem,” Max sculled his drink and Freddie gave him another, “but that problem is even too sick to think about.”

“Baby, a problem shared, is a problem halved.”  Freddie patted his arm.

“How do you tell your father that his sister keeps trying to have sex with you?”  Max had already drunk quite a lot, so once he started he couldn’t stop all the crap that was happening in his life from tumbling from his lips.  “I’m going home tomorrow, I’ve lived away for four years, but dad isn’t well, and my brother and sister want me home.  Tia is going with me, which isn’t making them happy because they don’t get on with her.”

“Baby, have you ever thought about cutting her loose and finding someone nice?”  Freddie asked.

Max looked so sad.  “I find it hard meeting people, and even harder to trust them,” he sipped his beer.

Freddie flicked on the house lights indicating that it was time to close up shop.  “Do you have somewhere to stay tonight?”

“Yeah... we’re staying in a motel.”

“Hon,” Freddie said to Alec.  “Make sure he gets home... it’s nearly closing time; you can take off if you want, Darius will be here soon.”

“Will do,” Alec led Max outside.

“Do you live far away?”  Max asked.

“I just have a couple of blocks to walk.”

“Can I walk you home?”  Max asked shyly.

“Sure,” something deep down inside Alec twisted.  This was a bad idea.  A very bad idea.  They walked in silence til they reached his door.  “Well this is it, this is where I stay when I’m in town.”

“Can I come in...?  I don’t want to go back to Tia right now.”  When he saw the worried look on Alec’s face he added.  “I’m not gay; I promise I won’t try anything.”
Sighing deeply, Alec pushed the door open and allowed Max to pass him as they entered.

Max looked around the small Spartan apartment, everything was all in one room, there was only two other doors which he assumed were a closet and a bathroom.

“Do you want a coffee or anything?  I need to have a shower, so if you want something I will make it now.”

Max shook his head, “No, I’m fine,” he sat on the edge of the bed as Alec headed into one of the rooms.  Damn, the moment he heard the water it set his bladder off, getting up he knocked on the door.  “I need to use the bathroom.”

“The doors unlocked,” was the muffled reply.

Max pushed open the door and tried not to look towards the glass shower where Alec was bathing as he relieved himself.  He was surprised when Alec stepped out of the shower and began towelling off.

“You can have a shower if you want,” he said over his shoulder as he walked out of the room.

Alec reluctantly pulled on his jeans to sleep as he hadn’t brought any PJ’S with him.  He slipped into bed as he heard the shower.  What the hell was he doing?  Man, if Bastian could see him now he’d be laughing his arse off and Alli wouldn’t be much better.  He looked towards the bathroom as the door opened.  Max came out wearing only jeans and climbed into the bed.  “I promise I won’t do anything.”

Alec nodded and closed his eyes as he lay on his back in the dark.  If he tried hard enough he could pretend that this was one of Alli’s puppy piles, even if it did only have two puppies.  Alec froze when he felt Max’s hand touch his chest.  “Thank you Alec.”

Alec relaxed, “Your welcome, now get some sleep,” he said as Max withdrew his hand.

Alec woke sometime close to dawn to find himself wrapped around Max’s body, and instantly knew that Max was awake.  “I’m sorry,” he said as he rolled away putting some space between them.

“It felt nice,” was the whispered reply as Max rolled to face him.  “You made me feel safe... but just because I liked you holding me, that doesn’t mean that I’m gay... because I’m not,” he said as he moved towards Alec and wrapped his arms around him.

Alec didn’t know what to do.  How was he supposed to get himself out of this situation?  It was only getting worse when Max pulled his face around so they could kiss.  Alec inhaled sharply as Max’s tongue invaded his mouth in slow strokes and began exploring, and tasting him, his body shivered as Max’s fingertips ran seductively across his skin, playing with his painfully erect nipples.  He fought as his own arms betrayed him and embraced Max; drawing him closer as their kiss deepened, sending jolts of electricity through his body.  Man he was so screwed.

“I’m not gay,” Max whispered like a mantra as his hands undid Alec’s jeans and pushed them down, “I’m really not.”
“I know... you’re not gay,” Alec nervously as he helped remove his and then Max’s jeans.

“I just want you to touch me,” Max said shyly.  He groaned as Alec lightly ran his hands over him as his mouth followed along the same path his hands had just taken.  “Please,” he thrust his hips off the bed as Alec took him into his mouth.  His hand reached out and brushed Alec’s long hair out of the way so he could watch.

Alec closed his eyes; if he couldn’t see the naked man in his bed then this wasn’t really happening.  This was so wrong, and he knew it... not just because they were both straight, but because they both had girlfriends waiting for them to come home... yep, definitely screwed.  He heard Max cry out with his release seconds before Alec tasted the seed that filled his mouth; only then did he let him go.

Alec looked up to see tears in Max’s eyes.  “I’m not gay... but I so want to have sex with you right now.”

Alec crawled up his body and nodded; he brought their mouths back together before getting up onto his knees.  He inhaled sharply as he felt Max penetrate him with his spit coated fingers; stretching that most private part of him, but soon a warmth spread through him as Max’s hard shaft entered him and satisfied him in ways that no one had before.  “Can I come inside you?”  Max panted, his rhythm becoming erratic as he neared his peak.  “Sweet Jesus,” he cried out as he slammed into Alec over and over.

They collapsed on the bed in a tangle of arms and legs, and just lay there until Max got himself under control.  “Do you want... do you want to do that to me?”  Max moved towards him when Alec nodded.

Alec watched as Max lowered his face and went down on him.  Jesus Christ what the hell was he doing; he wanted to push Max away but it just felt so damn good.  He shuddered as Max’s mouth and tongue worked their magic on him.  Max had just cupped his balls when he exploded.  Max’s mouth explored his body on the way back up.  They kissed tenderly before Alec did something that he never thought he would ever do to another guy.

Alec couldn’t help but look down to where their bodies were connected and it struck him that it looked beautiful.  He stopped and stared.

“What’s the matter?”  Max looked back over his shoulder, “Just because I’m letting you do this, it doesn’t make me gay”

Alec looked at him in confusion before closing his own eyes as he started moving again.  “It might not mean you’re gay, but I think it does for me,” his heart was pounding in time to the sound of their flesh slapping together, echoed by Max’s soft sounds of pleasure.  He had never felt this way before.  When he was with Mel, it was always nice, but this was... was... he lost his thought pattern as he fell over the edge into his desire.  His cock still buried balls deep inside another guys arse.

Alec moved them so they were lying on the bed spooning; they didn’t speak as they drifted back into sleep.

Alec woke to the sound of his door closing and knew that Max had gone.  Part of his heart cried out that something so beautiful had just walked out of his life.  Regretfully he pushed himself up and got ready to go home.


Alec lay back across Alli’s bed as his best friends little sister and his girlfriend finished getting ready.  He hadn’t wanted to go to his parents dress up party, but Bastian had shut him down he said that he was the guest of honour, and that it was also to welcome home his brother Thaniel and the Bitch from hell.  How was he supposed to say no to that?

“Alli, did Alec tell you that he thinks he’s gay?”  Mel said as she applied her eye liner.

Alli turned around and stared at him open mouthed.  “You’re gay!”

Alec nodded, “I think so.”

“Shouldn’t you know for sure whether you’re gay or not?”  Alli asked curiously she gave up her position at the mirror and climbed onto the bed with Alec.

Alec smiled at her as she took a hold of his hand.  She was three years younger than him and Bastian, but she was just as close, if he thought about it he would have to say that he fitted into his life even in front of Mel.  “Alli, it’s not that easy.”

“But, wouldn’t you have to actually have sex with a guy to be sure?”  She laced her fingers through his.

“He has,” Mel said as she applied lipstick, “he met some guy named Max last time he bounced at Flashes.”

“And?”  Alli asked.

“It was beautiful...  He was beautiful.”  Alec squeezed her hand.

“Will you be seeing him again?  Will we get to meet him?”  She asked enthusiastically, bouncing on the bed beside him.

“No, and No, as beautiful as it was, he was just a one night stand, just some random straight boy that was having girl troubles,” he smiled wistfully.  “Though I would love to run into him again, and again, and again,” he chuckled as Mel rolled her eyes at him.

Alli lay on the bed and wrapped her arms around Alec’s neck and whispered into his ear.  “What does Mel really think about it?”

“We are going to go our separate ways.  Tonight is our last big bash.  I think she’ll want to hook up with Bastian.”  As Alli went to kiss him he turned his face until their lips met.

Alli loved the way Alec never ever pushed her away when she wanted to kiss him.  Most people thought he had two girlfriends, and he never ever corrected them.  Bastian thought he was nuts.  “Love you babe...  I hope this gay thing works out for you.”

They turned to the door as Bastian walked in dressed in Goth glory, he was going to the party as Acheron, the leader of the Dark Hunters, and Mel had gone all out and dressed as his demon companion Simi.  He rolled his eyes at the two of them on the bed, Alec was dressed as Jean Claude and Alli was Anita Blake.  “As Simi would say, Thaniel and the heifer bitch Goddess are downstairs and waiting,” he took in Mel’s costume and grinned.  “That shoulda been your line Melly.  Thaniel is dressed as Maxwell Demon, and the HBG is dressed as fricken Tinkerbell; she couldn’t even match his costume.”

Mel smiled as he walked over and offered his arm.  “Shall we?”

Alec let Alli pull him off the bed and straighten his shirt.  She undid all the button on the crimson shirt except for one near his throat there she pinned a ruby and diamond brooch, okay, so it was fake, but it looked good.  She bent and zipped up his thigh high boots over his skin tight leather pants.  “If you decide that you’re really not gay, do you want to be my boyfriend?”

“Okay,” he chuckled as she stood and straightened her leather mini skirt, and strapped on her fake knives.

“Shit... almost forgot you eye liner and Kohl,” she said as she dragged him over to the mirror.


Thaniel could tell that Tia was getting pissed off that they were still waiting on Alli and Bastian’s friend.  She had begun pacing across the bottom of the steps.

“Why is she coming anyway?  Isn’t she going to be too young to get in?”

“Nope,” Bastian said coolly, “Alec’s parents are hosting the party.  They are shaving his hair for charity.”

Thaniel stared at his brother.  “He has long hair?”  His heart pounded there was no way in hell that it could be the same person; life just wouldn’t be that cruel to him.

“Yeah,” Mel said.  “Hangs just past his arse; it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Thaniel slowly turned as he heard his little sister talking as they neared the head of the stairs.  He felt sick.  His heart was pounding, ‘Please don’t let it be him,’ he whispered to himself.  He felt the blood rush out of his body as Alec came into view.


Alec was laughing at the joke Alli had just told him and didn’t immediately look at the others, it wasn’t until he was half way down the stairs that he looked at Alli’s older brother and stopped dead in his tracks.  “Max!”  He whispered softly.  He felt Alli’s hand tighten on his arm as she stared from her brother to him.  Alec cleared his throat; he didn’t want to give away Thaniel's secret if he could help it.  “Maxwell Demon, man, that costume looks great...  I love that movie.”  Alli eyed them both suspiciously.  For two people that hadn’t met before they both seemed to pale immensely at the sight of each other.

“Alec, this is my big brother Thaniel and his girlfriend Tia,” Bastian said.

Alec walked the rest of the way down the stairs and offered his hand.  “Nice to meet you both.”

“Same,” Thaniel said at the exact same moment Tia said, “About bloody time... are we ready to go?”

“Sure Tia,” Bastian rolled his eyes.  Taking Mel’s hand he led them out and into the limo that was waiting.

Alec sat between Alli and Mel they both took one of his hands.  Mel laid her head on his shoulder.  “Babe, you are definitely looking decidedly gorgeous tonight.”  He turned and offered her a kiss.

“Babe,” Alli said when they had finished and was rewarded with her own kiss before she said.  “Are we still road tripping this weekend?”

“Yeah,” Alec said, “I can’t wait, I haven’t seen Gabe since I left.  I just hope he doesn’t do anything stupid before I get out there.”

“His sister’s husband sounds like a dick,” Alli snorted.  “I can’t believe he kicked him out.”

“Chrissie was always weak when it came to men... if it is as bad as Gabe says, then I am bringing Jean back with me.  I’m not leaving my daughter in that crappy situation.”

“You have a daughter?”  Thaniel said curiously without thinking.  “How old?”

“Jeanie is 4.”

Tia snorted, “You must have been young when you had he.”

Alec stared at her for a long moment before he answered.  “Not that it is any of your bloody business, but I was 15 when she was born.”

“Do you see her much?”  Thaniel asked.

Alec felt himself relax, “Every chance I get... she’s my angel.”

“Thaniel has a little girl,” Alli said.

“Yeah,” Alec asked.

“Lily is 3,” Thaniel smiled warmly, and Alec could see that Thaniel really did love his daughter.
“Do you see her much?”

“Not as much as I would like,” Thaniel said sadly.

“Maybe we should get them together for a play date,” Alli said enthusiastically.

“Make sure I’m not there when the brat comes,” Tia spat.

Alec frowned “Don’t you like Lily.”

“She’s not my kid, so why should I have to take care of her?”

Mel glared at her, “Maybe, because you’re in a relationship with her father.”

“If he is her father... which I very much doubt.”  Tia laughed at what she thought was a funny joke.

“She’s mine,” Thaniel said through gritted teeth.  “We had the tests done that you insisted on and I am her father.”

By the time they got to the party Alec was glad to get out of the car, he thought Mel was going to punch Thaniel's girlfriend out, which for some reason amused the hell out of both Alli and Bastian, and it was weird being so close to Thaniel and pretending that they were only meeting for the first time.  Taking a deep breath he took hold of Alli’s hand and walked into the venue.

Thaniel waited for the others go ahead and couldn’t stop his eyes from caressing Alec’s leather clad arse, heat and shame washed through him as he remembered.  Slowly he followed the others inside and was immediately hit with a blast of colour and sound.  His eyes roamed til they rested on Alec who was talking to an older couple.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the guest of honour has arrived and has asked could we please get on with the show as he has some serious drinking to do.”  The woman laughed as Alli led Alec up onto the stage and tied him to a chair that had been placed there.  Two women from the shave for a cure society joined them and began to shave off all of Alec’s beautiful hair.  His breath caught as he realised that Alec was looking straight at him.


Alec leant back against the bar and watched as his father had his own head shorn so that Alec wouldn’t feel singled out.  He didn’t even acknowledge Thaniel as he came and stood beside him.  “Alec.”

Alec ignored him as he headed to a side door that opened into the hall that led to his father’s offices.  He could feel the anger rising in him and waited he knew it wouldn’t take Thaniel long to follow him.  He turned on him as soon as he stepped into the hall.

“So, how is your night going Max?  I hope you are bloody enjoying yourself...  I can’t believe you fucking lied to me.”

“I didn’t know you were Bastian’s friend,” Thaniel said softly.

“And if you had, would it have stopped you from crawling into my bed?  I feel like a fucking idiot, Mel told Alli that I had a wonderful night with a beautiful guy named Max.  What a fucking crock of shit.”

“I told you Alec I’m not gay,” Thaniel said he went to reach for Alec but Alec pushed him away.

“Keep your fucking lying filthy perverted hands off me.  You go ahead and keep telling yourself that you aren’t gay and see how far that gets you, saying it, doesn’t make it true arsehole.”  Alec stormed up the hall away from the party.

Thaniel watched him leave he seemed frozen to the spot.  He only realised he was crying when Alli put a hand on him.  “So did you really sleep with him?”

“I’m not gay Alli... it was just a mistake.”  Thaniel said thickly.

Alli patted his arm gently.  “I’m not judging you Thaniel...  Alec is gorgeous, who wouldn’t sleep with him given the chance.”

“I’m not gay,” he said again.