Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Day Walkers

Day Walkers # 1: Real You.

This is a book I started writing about just over a year ago.  I sent it off to my proofer to get him to have a look-see to see whether I should keep it or toss it. he thinks that it is worth keeping and working on... so I thought I would tell you a bit about it and get some opinions.

Real You; is a book where I was trying something different in each book there is one HET couple and one MM couple... the first book is basically about twins Claudius and Hayden that are so alike that no one can tell them apart... Prophecy  says that when they find their True One (the one person that can tell them apart and willing to love them both) it will change the way of things.

Mara Gellic; is the boys True One, she comes into their lives and changes everything.  Not only for them but for all creatures across the world no matter what species.  With their mating; it breaks open many taboo's that were slowly killing off the different species.

Claudius and Hayden are Vampires; while Mara is human.

The second story in this book is between Eric who is a Day Walker for the vampire Daven, and Murtagh; who is a guild member and part of the Fey race.

Theirs is a special kind of love where not everything is as it seems. they both have secrets that must come out and be revealed before they ever have a hope in hell of being together.

Real You; is the first in the series of my Day Walkers. A Day Walker is a being that watches over the Vampire's during their death sleep. You become a Day Walker by being the person that is with the vampire as they go through their change.  so you never know who is going to end up with who... it could be anyone from family, to a complete stranger. Or as in Daven and Eric's case it might just be the person you are having a fist fight with at the time.


  1. This sounds good. I want to read this...now...but I can wait. :)

  2. Mika I am glad you like it... I am not sure where I am going with it just yet... and my proofer is disgusted with my lack of punctuation... but in my defence I did write it in the middle of the night sitting in a car.