Thursday, 16 June 2011


Yes it happened again! I am so blaming my friend Taylor V, for getting me sidetracked yesterday.  I was planning on spending the afternoon working on Real You; but after a conversation with Tay, I ended up looking at pictures all afternoon. But boy I can't be cranky at Tay, because they were some awesome pictures.

My daughter saw a picture and has decided that I need to write a scene around it, so that I can put it in my story: All The Pretty Things... which is number 12 in my series: The Lines Of Marsden.  It is a story that revolves around Maffa (Mathew Farnell), who is a werewolf & Lorenz Bowen, who is a member of the Faeries that come to seek an alliance with Michael Marsden, who is king of the Vampires and his followers.

They mate by accident; but by both races it is for life... which leads to some misunderstandings, and very funny moments as these two characters try and sort out there relationship.

I can guarantee that this will make for a fun story to write at the moment I just have notes lying all over my office.  Man I think I need to get myself more organised. I can see that I will have a busy time ahead as I juggle all the projects I have on my plate.  Well, at least if I get bored I will be able to switch between each story...


  1. That is such a gorgeous picture. Can't wait to see what you do with it...

  2. I haven't got a clue but it is just all thoughts and crazy notes at the moment... but when I know you will be the first to know.