Thursday, 2 June 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

Today I have been working on Tidying up My book in my Windblown Kisses series; the first book is called: My Knight In Tarnished Armour.

It is the story of Ray Fowler & Christopher (Viv) Vivvens; two men drawn together that doesn't quite turn out like they thought.  That would be the addition of quite a few tiny sets of feet that soon join the family; changing their lives forever.

With the help the help of family and friends, they must fight there way through unrequited love, small white lies, betrayal of the worst kind, and the death of one of their loved ones.  will Ray and Viv's love be enough to pull them through and make them the strong family that they need to be.

Ray &Viv must come to terms with not only their sexuality, but shadows from their past come back to bite them on the arse.

Will true love win out? or will it be doomed before it starts?


  1. Well, I don't know who will win out, but I'm sure anxious to find out!

    Can't wait for you to finish!

  2. I have actually finished this book and have started on book two: His Damsel In Disgrace which is the story of Declan & Asher... Book three is called: Take Me As I Am and features Jamie & Theodore (Bear). Don't know which Publisher I will try.