Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Weekly Read

The book I have chosen this week is an all time favourite of mine: Brier's Bargain, by Carol Lynne.  It is book 1 from her series: Bodyguards In Love.

Brier Blackstone is one of the most lovable characters that I have ever read. Ms Lynne first introduced us to this wonderful character in book 6 of the Men In Love series: Tortured Souls; Bram (Bramble) Blackstone is Brier's twin brother.

Ms Lynne has written Brier so beautifully that I very much doubt that anyone reading his story will not fall in love with him. He is mildly retarded due to a head wound when he was younger at his own parents hands. Left to be raised in a state institute until he escapes to look for his family.

Through it all Brier shows a strength that makes you want to take him in your arms and just hug him and love on him forever.  he faces so many challenges in this book; from pressing charges against the men that molested him during his hospitalisation, to his brothers guilt of not being there for him and  most of all finding his way in the love he has for his life partner Jackie Benoit.

The way Ms Lynne has lovingly written this story it shows that if you believe hard enough, then anything is possible.  I also loved that we got to see things through Brier's innocent eyes that made things I thought I knew all about look brand new.

Though you could read this as a stand alone book I suggest you go back and start with Men In Love # 1: Branded by Gold... as this sets up the whole story of the remarkable men you will meet in the Men In Love & Bodyguards In Love series.  Though to be honest; there isn't a single book of Ms Lynne's that I have read that I haven't liked.

Here is my favourite lines out of this wonderful story:

"I found a bug," Brier blurted.


"In the shed.  There was a pretty beetle.  Kinda looked green."  He knew he was stalling, but Brier wasn't really interested in rehashing his earlier pain.

"Cool.  Next time you should bring it in to show me."

"Really? I didn't know you liked bugs." Brier faced Jackie and straddled his lap, trying to put the majority of his weight on his boyfriends good leg.

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