Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Okay, my brain isn't really working today... I have half a chapter to convert on TLOM-RAMTBB before I send it off to my beta Sue... and then it is a matter of sending the clean MS to editor... then I can concentrate on the other things like finishing Angels on Top and my SSP...   Hubs is building or extending his mothers deck/veranda in New Zealand... thank God I am not there... I would only have to help... LMAO.   Em's car goes in to get a new bumper today before she can begin the process of trading it in on a larger car... why the Hubs got her one that even he had trouble fitting in I don't know... I hate getting in the thing...   I got my new glasses yesterday so everything is looking a little clearer and the headaches have receded... A big WOO-FRICKEN-HOO to that.

The lovely Sara Winters has uploaded my free read Shadows on the Heart to Are if you guys want to down load it for free... not with the cover that I had made due to copyright (which I am still working on) so better to be safe than sorry. Anyway go check it out... I posted the address above.


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