Thursday, 15 September 2011

Short & Sweet

  Okay, my tattoo is a tad sore due to smashing it on the bedroom door handle... Seriously... why do doors need handles to be at the same height as my fricken tattoo...LMAO. Actually at the time it was more like swearing my head off (really loudly). Today I may fall behind on my SSP as I have had to do edits for my contracted book for MLR... but I hope to make it up later. Honestly and this is a secret so don't tell anyone... it took me a while to work out how to do my edits... I had to email my beta reader and find out about tracking, but now I am clued it it seems to be running fine... Though my poor editor might be pulling her hair out.

  I will be away again tomorrow as I have to take my daughter to the chiropractor to have her leg and hips stretched... so that will put me further behind in my work... so it looks like the SSP will get dragged out to the three weeks. I just sent the first 15k to my beta reader to see what she thinks. Hopefully she will like it. I will let you all know on another day what Sue thinks... mind you she is probably pulling her hair out as well due to the punctuation she will have to fix.

  Oh damn I still have to write tomorrows blog story so that I can post it tonight so that you guys will have it for the morning... well on that note I better away so that I can get cracking on everything that I have to do. 

  I will talk to you all later.

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