Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What's Up!!!

Well I thought I would give you all a heads up on what is happening in my life this week. Today I am going to try and do more then the 5k of my writing plan as tomorrow I will be absent getting the next instalment of my tattoo sleeve... I will be getting a touch up on the pink zombie girl and I think he is starting on the evil and fugly cat... but know Ted Saddo (Sink the Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing) I could end up with anything. Just because he is my brother doesn't mean I get what I want. LMAO. No seriously, Ted has a mind of his own... I will have to let you all know after lunch Aussie time tomorrow.

  I am keeping on track with my Super Secret Project... not that it is super, or secret, that title just kinda has a cool ring to it... by the first week in October I will probably tell you all what it is... unless of course I screw it up and toss it out.

  I was supposed to get my first lot of edits back over the weekend but they never turned up... so it means a little more waiting... I shot my wonderful editor a note letting her know they have gone AWOL... my email likes to screw with me... I am sure it eats half the emails that I receive. I swear my computer has something against Americans as they are the only ones I seem to lose... my poor editor must get frustrated when she has to send things twice... lucky I have a nice one.

  I ditched the super (Flexible & waterproof keyboard). I swear honest to god, that thing hated me... it would never put in the spacing... drove me insane... so in the end I dragged back out old faithful... the coffee has dried and it seems to be working again... and I can type on it.

  My blog story is getting out of hand... I need ideas on how to rescue Brayden and his father Thayer... I only write it like ten minutes before I post it, so if anyone has any thoughts on When The Walls Come Tumbling Down... let me know so that I can work them in before the end of the story. I think The Freedomers will be my next Blog story... if you don't know what that is go back through and check when I did that week of snippets... I know I did one for The Freedomers. Or if there is something you would like to hear about send me some thoughts and I will see what I can do... but be warned... I am mainly a preternatural/paranormal writer...

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