Thursday, 13 October 2011

I Have Decided

Okay, I have been thinking today about the blog story When The Walls Come Tumbling Down... I have finally decided to end it but not completely... let me explain, I am thinking of making it a series. The series name will either be The Sentinels of High City... or Children of Varnuse... I am leaning more towards the first one...

  Why a series I hear you ask? Mainly because the ending is not going quite like I thought and it will only leave you with more questions... so I think it would be wise to carry on this story line but with added bonuses that will be forth -coming  in about two more instalments.

  I haven't actually started on the new story lines as yet... but I will work it out... I promise... and we all know that before I can even contemplate starting the next one, I need a title... what I can tell you that each new blog story and there will be four more to follow this one, related to Quinlan & Brayden.

I still need to write about wolf shifters... water creature shifters... bird shifters... and a rare breed that can shift into anything... so if you have any idea which one you would like to read next just give me a shout. so that means I need four more titles so please put your thinking caps on... we all know I need all the help I can get.


  I will be in and out for awhile, as I will be driving back and forth between home and Kingaroy visiting a very and terminally sick relative who is in hospital. but I have been working on the ending of this blog story so that I have plenty of things ready to post in case I am lacking in time.


  1. A series would be wonderful as you have introduced some very intriguing secondary characters,and there's a baby to be born, and a kingdom to save, so series, oh yeah, twist my arm.
    And you plan on starting another blog story right?
    And like I'd mind if I got two episodes a week till their HEA or HEAFN. Uhm you do know whom you are talking to? Fan-atic readers! I vote for what ever fits in your life schedule, just as long as you don't forget us!

  2. Lord, you want us to come with titles? Hmmm... The Bird shifters storyline could be Taking Flight? or Rush of Wings? (though that might have been used elsewhere...), or Walls of Air? or even Freedom's Flight? But anything you write will worth reading. And yes please to more of WTWCTD each week...

    Interesting word verifications : raphips?