Friday, 7 October 2011

Just Touching Base.

Well I don't think that my Christmas short: Angels on Top got picked up... but don't feel all disappointed just yet because they may still use it as a stand alone or if one of the others hasn't or is unable to fulfil their spot... If not then I guess we will save it for next year... There is hope for Marlowe & Angel yet.

  I am still doing the last read through of TLOM 1: RAMTBB... damn anyone would think it is the longest book ever... but seriously you cannot begin to believe the amount of little mistakes that I have found... He is just one example I had Doyle standing by a table in a nightclub watching himself dance with Christian and Michael... I say someone just kick me in the arse right now... and I know that once I am done I will send it to Sue and she will find a heap more... THANK GOD FOR BETA READERS... I love you Sue.

GRL is coming up fast for all those lucky people that are going to be there at New Orleans... wish I was one of them but sadly I am not... I hope they all have a blast... my friend Helen and her hubs are going to grab me some stuff... Love you too Helen... oh and your hubs...

  On that note I am back to my read through...


  1. I wouldn't kick your arse, because finding errors is what I'm supposed to do, isn't it? It's so hard to see errors in your own writing, why else would there be a need for betas and editors? Don't stress about it - I'm not! And I love you too!

  2. Oh I know... it just frustrates me the little crap I keep finding... and then it pissed me off that I didn't even realise that yesterday was Friday so I didn't write my blog story instalment, I am doing that now...