Sunday, 9 October 2011

TLOM Listening... What gets me through.

  This is one of the songs that always brings Christian & Michael's love to mind for me... and this young man Paolo Nutini is who I have based my Doyle's looks on... I think he is beautiful and he has one of the nicest voices... This song plays a big part in one of the books of TLOM as does the next song.

  This song is one of those when used in the story is a huge turning point in Michael's life...  The funny thing is the first time I heard this guy I didn't know what he looked like I thought he was old and Jamaican... boy was I in for one hell of a shock when I actually saw him for the first time... But I just love listening to him. I actually have his CD playing in my car right now.

  Hope you all like him as much as much as I do... the other awesome thing is he shares the same birthday as my Em... though I think he is about 3 years older than her.

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