Wednesday, 5 October 2011

WTF!!! Seriously

As we al know I am on the final read through of TLOM 1 before I send it off to the Beta to double check me... I can't believe the amount of tiny mistakes that I have found... Sue would kick my arse if she could see them... but with each little annoying fix up I know that I am one step closer to getting published... I still have no set date for that... my editor tells me that will come when we get into the next stage of editing... I will keep you all informed.

  Emily would like to let you all know that she had her car fixed and has traded it in for another one... sorry I am not car minded, all I can tell you is that it has four doors and it is blue... no doubt she will fill you all in on Sunday when she posts her music. (Apparently it is a Holden Cruze)

 My friend Embry (I love that name) mentions me on her blog... I will add her to my list of awesome people to check out so you can all go and have a gander.

  Catch you all tomorrow.


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