Wednesday, 4 January 2012

S.P.A.M. Inc. # 1

Today is the day Embry and I start promoting our future series (S.P.A.M. Inc) and we thought we would start by introducing you to our main characters, and important places. For future posts, this will be posted each Thursday.

Introducing - Harlin Edwards

Series Title: S.P.A.M. Inc.

Book #: 1

Book Title: Roxy’s Heart ~ Harlin’s Hands.

Name: Harlin Edwards.

Age: 29.

Species: Human.

Realm: Earthen.

Hair Colour/Type/Length: Close cropped dark Brown hair. He likes keeping it short so that it is never untidy.

Eye Colour/Shape: Chocolate brown eyes, they darken/lighten with his moods just normal shaped but really long and thick black lashes (almost looks as if he is wearing Mascara.)

Skin Colour/Type: He has I nice even all over tan (no tan lines) due more to his heritage then sunbathing.

Scars/Blemishes: Small nick on his thumb pad of his left hand (from becoming blood brothers with Cord Drakken (Dragon Shifter – Harlin doesn’t know.)

Height: 6’ 5”

Weight: 110 kg/231.5 lbs.

Clothing preferred: Suites for work (3 piece) ~ Casual: slacks and a nice button down.

Mannerisms: He tends to have a little OCD on tidiness. Likes things to run to a schedule he is a list man. When upset he rubs the tips of his fingers together.

Occupation: Owner and CEO of: Harlin’s Imports-Exports Emporium. Spends a lot of time away from his place of business which his father runs in his absence.


  1. Oh I cant wait to get started on this adventure with you...gonna be so much fun ;)

  2. Me either my friend, 2012 is our year.

  3. Sweetlings uummm how long do we have to wait for book 1 and hell I am so intriqued I need book 1 through 10 this year!!LOL I am such a book slut for my writers.

  4. Actually we are doing this process backwards Embry and I am promoting before we have even submitted by the end of the year we hope to have book 1-6 out we are still discussing where to Sub and we have narrowed it down to - two publishers. But you can be sure that Embry and I will both post on our blogs as soon as we know more on Thursday Embry will introduce you to one of her character. the whole year on Thursdays will e S.P.A.M. Inc.