Wednesday, 8 February 2012


To Cinders...

 Cinders helped choose a name for the main character in the next of The Sentinels of Varnuse: Beneath The Rising Tide

Allow me to introduce:- Kia Pamuya;  a Water Dragon shifter. So far that is all I know about him as we all know that I cannot plot to save my life.

Next in line I am hoping (if you are listening, Cinders). I need  pictures for Malacyte & Haydrian.... Just remember they are the same sort of being as Raevyn & Simian. Actually I probably need a picture for Simian as well. damn and Vayne, Arron

It is strange how a picture can get the ideas buzzing in your brain... It is also great to have faithful followers who are willing to throw ideas your way in what they would like to see and which characters they would like to come back into the storyline.

I have even started to go back through When The Walls Come Tumbling Down... Fleshing it out and filling in the gaps, and boy have I found some huge gaps... I never saw them when I wrote them, but now when I know better they seem so damn obvious.

I promise to try and be better than I was at the beginning but I know me - LOL.

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  1. You are welcome but I love doing this sort of thing. Thank you for letting me and I will go surfing for some pictures.


    1. I will send you names of people I still need for all my stories LOL.