Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Pimping An Idea

With permission from MMRomance member Fehu on GoodReads.


He was sent to sent to be the consort for the High King. Prince Allen is taught the ways of Diplomacy and Politics but not fighting.

The High King is a warrior and his dead lover was his first general. He doesn't want anyone that can't wield a sword and can only defend himself with words. That is just not someone he wants to help raise his children. So when Prince Allen is presented before him the High King doesn't choose him to be his next consort.

What is a rejected consort to do?

Prince Allen cannot return home, as he was sent to cement a treaty between his kingdom and that of the one belonging to the High King.

The army is hiring and Prince Allen asks to be part of the next expedition, hoping that by training to be a warrior he will be able to forget the High King who rejected him without really knowing him.

Can these two men come together and find love?


This is one of the best prompts that I have read and I missed out on getting it by a heartbeat - so I wish Megan all the best in writing her story and I can't wait to read it - this is a story that just needs to be told.

Knowing me as you all do, I couldn't let it go. I still wanted to be able to write my own story from this prompt - so I contacted the person who came up with it and asked for permission to use it as well and I am lucky that Fehu is such a wonderful person and is allowing me to do so.

So at some stage in the near future I will be writing my own version of this wonderful story - I have quite a few ideas running through my head - All I know for sure is that I will be writing this for Fehu and my wonderful beta reader Sue - It will involve something that I know Sue is quite fond of in my preferred writing style.


  1. I think this sounds really good...

    1. Yeah I thought it was too - that was why I was so happy when Fehu said I could use the prompt for a future book - Though I will have to change the name of the main Character and a few other things so it doesn't come out exactly like the story Megan comes up with. But I thought it was the great basis of a plot.