Monday, 7 May 2012

I Am Sorry

I want to make an apology to my MLR Editor. I am sorry if what I wrote earlier seemed like I was dissing her in any way, because honestly I wasn't. I was just rambling.

I would like everyone to know I have complete faith in my editor - I did forget two whole steps in the WSC process - (Line Editor & Proof reading bit). And (ages) to me in reality is probably only a few days. It just feels like ages mainly because I still have the damn flu.

I know that my MLR Editor has done a wonderful job and has taught me so many things about writing that I didn't know and I appreciate her in more ways than I can count. She explains things in a way that makes it easy for me to understand. 

I have made an amendment to my earlier post - but for those of you who read the original post this is me saying sorry - I hate that I may have made it seem like she is crap at her job. Because it isn't true. She knows her stuff well - and seriously I should think before my mouth actually does the talking, (or my fingers do the typing as the case may be.)

Yes I can be a dumbarse at times... I honestly never meant for that last post to come off the way it sounded I just wasn't thinking when I wrote it. I feel really bad about it all. So I offer the above rose to Kimberly.

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