Monday, 25 June 2012

Bloody Hell & Then Some!!!

Okay, so yesterday I had this bright idea that I would get the whole family out for a day in the yard... two minutes in Nan declares she is too old and can't do any more... so she sits on a chair like queen muck the foreman telling us all how to fix the garden properly. Then Emily had an allergic reaction took a Phernergan (anti-histamine) and fell asleep, which left only the two of us working.

That was okay and then I may have badgered the hubs into cleaning up some of his junk (I swear to god some days my yard looks like a demolition yard). Luckily we have a tractor, yes this is the same tractor I complained about when my hubs bought it. Not that I will ever admit the tractor is worth it. For those of you who have ever seen my yard - The Hubs great big ugly yellow box is GONE! only taken me 7 years to get rid of it. It is not an eyesore when you drive down to the house. Man we had a good bonfire happening yesterday - next weekend we are tackling his crap in front of the big shed - one of these days I will have a yard that actually looks like a yard.

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