Monday, 18 June 2012

Due To Being A Slack-Arse...

Just get your minds out of the gutter right now, this has nothing to do with SEX! Well not yet anyway... I was supposed to post the next instalment of Jettermane today but you guessed it I haven't even written it yet. I am hoping to get it done by tonight. So instead I thought I would share something with you all.

A friend pointed out some shoes  that Jambi posted over on Facebook and we all got to talking about them because they are fricken awesome So in a round about way we will Blame Z Allora for saying they should be written into a story on the feet of a cross dresser and I opened my big mouth saying yes an Emo/Goth cross dresser and if somebody gave me a title and the names of the characters I would right the story. Jambi supplied that information.

Story Title: Walk This Way
Characters: Shawn & Cory 

So now I will work on this story and add it to my list of books to get done by the end of the year. Wish me luck - I may just need it. (Lucky I love a good Challenge).

Lancaster's Way Book 1


  1. Walk this way... I just came a little lol....
    First: what the hell is slack arse? and do I want to know how it could be sexual?
    Second: why is it my fault for pointing out the obliviously...
    Thirdly: fuking A... I am going to need updates on this one...
    Big hugs to you!!!!

    1. lets just say the book opens with feet encased in those shoes - LOL.
      A slack arse is a very slack person.
      It's your fault because you encourage me - LOL. But I have a feeling it could be a great story when it is done.