Thursday, 19 July 2012

Reviews: Words Hurt.

Today, I broke my own rule and I went and read some of my reviews. There were some really nice ones, and then there were some not so nice ones. I'm a big believer in it's okay to have your own personal opinion on whether or not you like my books; or anyone else's for that matter. But I'm also a big believer in if you truly don't have anything nice to say than keep it to yourself and let everyone else decide for themselves.

I am not naive enough to believe that my work is going to appeal to everyone, but as long as one person likes it then that's okay by me. It gives me the incentive to write something else.

No matter what; I'm going to keep writing. The words of bad reviews may hurt for a moment or two, but in the end I'll suck it up and keep going. Because the next one may be the one you do like, and even if it isn't, then I'm still going to write, because someone out there will like what I have done and will be happy to read more.


  1. I wonder what they are reading IF they do not like your stories?? They must not like M/M cause darling you are a top writer for me..even though I am behind I will catch up.LOL This having a day job screws with my reading and internet time. but enough on me YOU are BRILLIANT and let all the arsewipes know it.


    1. I find it amazing you wouldn't think to look at someone's child and say 'that's a fuking ugly and stupid looking child'... but for some reason we authors are told buck up, deal with it, and don't be defensive. People have a right to give feedback. And that is true but I think the nature of the feedback should be tempered with the knowledge that someone struggled months possibly years to produce what the are criticizing. Now I am not saying people don't have the right to be judgmental just keep in mind these are our babies and we don't make a whole hell of a lot for the time and energy we put into it.
      People become defensive when people are attacked by a strong offensive live...
      Plus are you trying to help the writer with constructive feedback or just be amusing snarky.
      I have gotten my stuff shelved as junk with a one star and no explanation. I have people who have told me they are 'taking away a star' for XYZ... really?
      It's super hard as a writer not to look for feedback because we want to find like minded souls who like the same things we do... but I know every time I go to a review site I am handing someone a knife to cut me. (mind you it doesn't stop me from going...)
      So people could to review, if you can try to be kind we writers will try to understand your pearls of wisdom while we try to recognize the only one we have to please is ourselves. (Now if I could just remember and believe that!)
      Big Hugs, Z.

    2. Okay ladies, it wouldn't let me reply directly so I have to do another comment - LOL. Sad to say we all know we aren't everyone's cup of tea. But Z you are right these are our babies and we do put a lo of effort into them. and Cinders Thank you for loving my work. I am going back to my rule of not reading the bad reviews... Though I must admit one of the really bad ones did crack me up laughing.