Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Talking GRL...

The days are rapidly approaching when Em & I head off to GRL - 75 days until we catch a plane and head to Albuquerque, New Mexico. And where I will finally get to meet some of my own personal favourite authors. (yes even I have my fan girl moments).

Emily is so excited because she is having lunch with Carol Lynne - who is her all time favourite author (can you believe my child picks Carol over me) LOL. And yes, when I say she is Gypsy Marsden I really mean it.

There are so many people I just want to say hello to and see what they really look like. and there are some people I need to get them to sign my books (I mean my copies of their books) so look out Carol Lynne, ZA Maxfield, Andrew Grey, Stormy Glenn, Ethan Day, Lynn Lorenz, and a few more. I have to buy Z Allora's boys to get hers... Am I excited you bet your sweet bibby I am. (Gees I hope they are all going.)

At least this time I will have company on that long arse flight there and back. Em asked me this morning is it too early to start packing. Yeah baby, it is. though mind you she has so many clothes she could probably pack and still have a ton of clothes left over - me not so much.

I live in Jeans and ankle length skirts... I am not sure what I should even pack to wear - How dressy do I need to be? would it be okay to rock up in my jeans and a David Bowie t-shirt? Would my Tattoos need to be covered or can they be on display? (I have been asked to cover the tats before). and then I think Fuck it I will just be me and people can like me or not - I can't change who I am as I have no filter and the real me just spills out of my mouth anyway.

I will probably ramble on more about this the closer it gets to leaving Australia I won't be able to help myself. So you will all have to read it or skip it I am just giving you fair warning.

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