Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Reconnecting... With TLOM

Over the last couple of days my area in Australia got hit by violent storms. Not much damage to our place just a few big branches snapped out of out widow makers (silver gum trees). So seeing as I couldn't get on the computer - I did the next best thing. I sat down with all my note books and any loose scraps of paper and started filling clean note books up with everything TLOM.

I started by doing family trees for both the House of Marsden and the House of Kincaid. I went right back to the time of the first Michael Marsden.

For me I jotted down backgrounds on everyone who features in the first six novels - concentrating n the mains characters of course... but I thought I would write background up on how the House of Kincaid come to be part of the Vampiric world and the same for the House of Marsden.

We (I should say - I) learn more about the creature who lives beneath the estate where the Eldren reside. and just who he really is and where he fits into the storyline (Sneaky Peek: he comes into the story fully when the second line of Marsden comes into play - book seven. Mind you he will make appearances throughout the first six as well).

Also in my penning these books of all my TLOM notes I (with the help of Emily) worked on who ends up with who. The matches may not be all MM, but I am keeping the MM ones as the main focus on all the stories the others are all secondary story lines.

The best part about doing this I have thought of a few more changes I want to make and now is my chance to do it all. I am bringing characters more into the story line than they already are' especially for the ones who are in the foreground of the story.

In book 2: Living in Shadows, we will be hearing more of Doyle's tale. As well as discovering more about Christian's past... If I can work out a way to put the Family trees on my blog I will so you can get a feel of who people are and where they fit into Michael and Christian's lives. Or maybe not as that might just give everything away - LOL. I will have to think on that one.

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