Saturday, 26 January 2013

Happy Australia Day.

Okay, today Emily and I are off to the boys house for a BBQ - It's raining here, and yes we still BBQ in the rain - As my hubs would say, "Everyone's waterproof". Mind you he's in New Zealand at a friend birthday party. Mum's going to my brother's place to have a meal with all of them.

Though my day hasn't gotten off to a good start - The damn cat bit me on the back of my left leg right behind my knee and it hurts like hell.

Em is designated driver because I'm still having trouble hearing - though it has come back somewhat. Just not quite good enough. Other than that I am trying to get all my chores done before it's time to 'hit the frog & toad'.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day whether you are Aussies or not!!!


  1. So how does cat taste? I hear like chicken. Hope the bbq is wonderful have a great day
    Think dirty thoughts and remember life is like a co*k when it is hard you have to f*ck it!


    1. the BBQ was great but the weather worsened and we are now in the middle of another flood.