Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I Woke Up This Morning...

The first thing I see/hear is about 45 Wood Ducks all standing in front of my house and waiting for me to feed them... They are only here for about six weeks and then they migrate to elsewhere... And believe me they are noisy things when they want to be.

After getting them sorted out I notice the twenty or so Galahs they aren't as noisy as the ducks unless they are fighting for position on the water and feed bowls I have set up in my yard.

The eight King Parrots sitting in the trees are waiting for the Galahs to leave so they can come in and fill up their bellies.

Three Pale Faced Eastern Rosella's are the quiet ones in the wildlife that visits my house everyday.

The meanies of the visitors are the Lorikeets which chase all the others away so they can eat in peace and quiet.

Lastly, is my boy Hector, he is an African Love Bird (aka Peach Face) and Gods honest truth I reckon he is the most viscous of them all. If you get anybody part near his cage and I can guarantee it will get bitten at some stage.

My yard has turned into an open bird sanctuary- I miss the days when I felt like Noah - when I only had two of each species - Thank the be-all-and-end-all they are only here for certain times of the year or I would go broke feeding them all...


  1. beautiful birds and I can only imagine the noise.

    1. Very beautiful but not so much fun when the they all arrive around 4:30 am and start all calling out.

  2. I am envious of all those gorgeous birds in your yard. I looked outside here and saw grey leafless trees and grey sky and the only thing making noise was my neighbor hammering on something. Too damn cold to go outside and no self-respecting bird would be around here. Longing for warmer weather!

    1. we also have a variety of huge lizards (Bearded dragons) Em is terrified of them but They don't worry the rest of us. my favourite birds we have here I never put a picture of up of them and I can hand feed these ones are the Butcher Birds and the Magpies... I wish we had crows but alas they don't seem to be in my neck of the woods... tough their is a murder of crows about two streets away.