Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Things That Really Piss Me Off!!!

Yeah, hard to believe that I would get pissed off - NOT! Yesterday my hubs the wonderful guy that he is asked me for his passport number (He's going back to NZ for a 90th birthday bash - one of the birthday people is 50 and the other is 40 so they are having a 90th).  Believe me that isn't the thing that pissed me off - this is - when I went into the draw where we keep all our passports and birth certificates etc... I realised Em and my passports are missing. We used them for GRL and now they are just gone. I have searched everywhere and have found hide nor hair of them. I know wherever they are they are in a blue and yellow travel case but they are nowhere to be seen. Now it is going to drive me nuts until we find them.

The next thing to piss me off is: why the hell don't they make sheets to fit the mattress properly? I am sick and tired of the damn sheets sliding off Every damn morning I have to virtually strip the whole bed just to make it.

And the list goes on: Where in all my wisdom of hiding crap would I have hidden the keys to my safe? If anyone has a good idea please let me know. I am yet to tell the hubs they are missing - LOL.

Okay, so most of this is frustration because my ears still aren't working properly so I thought I would rant on here where I can vent freely. Feel free to vent back or just not listen.


  1. Do you have a file cabinet where you might have put them in? The keys to the safe... Underwear drawer, jewelry box, bathroom drawer, kitchen junk drawer. Hanging where you keep the house key. I hope you find them soon.

    1. the only place I haven't looked for the keys is out in the shed = hell for five years they have lived on a hook on the wall in the office... as for the passports they should have been in the file cabinet but aren't.

  2. OK Lets take this one problem at a time. Passports have you looked in the carry on you used or maybe purse, computer bag?
    Sheets get the little dohickers to hold them on.
    Keys I would start with the crap drawers or maybe your special drawer in your bedroom. Let me know if I need to keep I am only a day back from ya.


    1. I am thinking Em might have them stashed in her room... I have found everything but the passports. Hell, some things I didn't even know where missing.

      OMG OMG OMG - I just found the keys, I forgot when I rearranged the office I moved them to my side so I would have easy access... LOL. I have been looking for them for 5 months.