Saturday, 2 February 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Yes, it's my birthday today. I turn the big 44 (I think) - hold on I'll just ask Emily - Yep, I am indeed turning 44. So in celebration for today I will tell you what I will be doing - Cleaning up after the massive storm we had last night. The wind was so strong it has blown over a few trees in my yard. One right beside my cat cage I was lucky it didn't land on the cage itself.

So I thought I would play you some tunes that I love

This last one is because Em wants me to, and I think the guy dancing is funny as hell. He kinda reminds me of early Mike Patton in the beginning of Faith No More


  1. Happy Birthday Norma! Hope you have a great day! Don't tire yourself too much cleaning.

  2. Happy Birthday babe have a great day don't work too hard. I hope you get all you want.


  3. Hope you worked some fun into your day. My older daughter will be 44 in July, oh god I feel old.

  4. Thanks everyone - I ended up having a case of Ross River Fever so after we cleaned the yard I had a quiet arvo and an early night.