Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Story Name Changes & Musical Inspiration

I just went onto a site to vote for a book in some poll when as I'm scanning down the list to see what else is there I come across a book with the same title as on of my whips 'It Started With A Whisper' I was like WTF! Luckily I still have time to change my title before I submit the story... Now It's just thinking of a new one. I'm thinking along the lines of 'Blessed With A Curse'.

So I have been spending all morning listening to Bullet For My Valentine who are my background music inspiration for this series - I might even share with you a little inspirational music.

These are worth the watch - just for Matt Tuck.


  1. How about combining the two like: A Blessed Whisper, Breath's Curse, A Hushed state of mind...lol I am weird I know.


    1. I think I will keep Blessed with A Curse - but I'm stealing 'A Hushed State of Mind' because that sounds like a story which needs to be written.