Wednesday, 17 April 2013

What's the Goss?!

Well I've just finished chapter 7 in The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows brings me up to 37K - The shit has well and truly hit the fan and Michael has just found his balls and manned up... from here on out we see a Michael who is a lot tougher - especially when it comes to hunting down the people who have hurt his family... All of his family - both old and new.

AND NOW: The hunt is on, and Michael and family are determined to come out on top. With a little help from a few new allies Michael finds himself the unconventional leader of them all (for the moment). Though my biggest whoa moment was finding out more about Doyle... (I did not see that coming).

I find when I'm rearranging sequences that I add a bit or take away a bit - OR - change the thing completely. Maybe I should have left it as is... but I think I like it more now. I have 55K of rearranging to do before I am ready to sub it to my MLR editor Kimberly. In the first book there was talk about manning Michael up a tad, and now with this book, I hope I've done it in a way which comes off as believable. I suppose only time will tell.

Well, I better get back to work as I won't be here tomorrow, I have meetings in Brisbane. So I just thought I would give you an update today.


  1. Thanks for the update. Cannot wait!

    About manning Michael up, he's fine the way he is in Rules. He's just been changed into a vampire and he's technically just a teen. No one expects him to have the wisdom of a forty year-old. I'm sure he'll develop naturally throughout the series :)

    1. I know I loved Michael the way he was but I like this newer version of him even more... something in this book happens that makes him take charge.

  2. Wonderful news I want the dang book so freckin and cracking

    Have you heard any good news that I need to know?


    1. No I haven't heard back about the submission yet - I'm sure Kimberly will get around to telling me yae or nay when she's had a chance to read it... I hope it get's picked up but now it's all just the waiting game for us all.

      Now that I have made some small changes in TLOM:LiS _ I am in the mood to right it and get it out. I just love that my characters can still surprise me.