Saturday, 11 May 2013

Right Here Waiting...

Have you ever woken up and thought where the hell am I? I seem to be doing that a lot lately, I look around me and have no clue how I got here or how to find my way back to where I started from. Then there are the days like right now when I actually believe it may be better if I gave up the fight and let the other side win – I just wish I knew who the hell the other side is.

Julian McKenna rested his head back against the dirty wall where he sat. His body still trembled from whatever caused him to end up where he was right now. He could have sworn that last night he went to sleep in his own bed. For fucks sake he’d even begged Davie to tie him to the fucking thing. As uncomfortable as it was he knew deep down that when he closed his eyes he was a place that should have been a comfort to him, yet when he opened his eyes today he was once again bodily in a place he shouldn’t be. Hell, by looking around at his surroundings he wasn’t even completely sure he was even still on Earth. But if he wasn’t on Earth then where the hell was he?

The sound of approaching footsteps had Julian instantly on guard his body alert to whoever was heading in his direction. Usually on these little jaunts he never encountered other people so this was all knew to him and somewhat frightening as well as exhilarating – maybe now he would finally get some answers to whatever was happening to him. Yet a strong part was telling him to tuck tail and run like hell – not ever looking back – because his brain wasn’t going to handle what was to come.

Pity Julian had never ever listened to reason…

The fear mechanism in his brain must have been malfunctioning since birth because when normal people would be running for their lives Julian stood proud and tall and faced everything head on. Whereas Julian thought of it as bravery others proclaimed it was stupidity, and at this moment in time he wasn’t quite sure who was right – it was a pretty even race.

Slowly getting to his feet and making as little noise as possible. Julian pressed his entire body against the grimy wall at his back and waited. Whatever was heading in his direction he had all intentions of meeting it standing on his feet.

The footsteps of the unseen being changed slightly and Julian got the impression that maybe they had just realised they were no longer alone. The strange thing was Julian felt no sense of malice drifting in the atmosphere. Whoever the unseen person was he wasn’t there to harm Julian. Maybe he didn’t know Julian was there at all.

Julian’s heart rate sped up as a shadow appeared at the corner of the building across from him. Whoever was coming was almost upon him and now it was too late to run – even if his brain allowed him to do so.

The being which stepped around the corner was not at all what Julian was expecting. For a moment Julian was dumbfounded as he took in the man from head to toe. His waist length blonde hair fell in a golden shower down his tall and whisper thin body. Skin so pale, yet with just a hint of a golden sheen enthralled Julian who had taken a step toward the man without conscious thought in what he was doing. The man’s age was undetermined. His flawless features drew Julian’s gaze to the shocked and the seemingly innocent crystal clear blue eyes before him.

The man’s clothing was odd and somewhat different from the attire Julian wore. It consisted of tight form fitting trousers and a looser shirt, though the shirt fit snugly around the chest and shoulder’s it fell loosely to mid-thigh, and was the deepest shade of midnight blue, strangely it suited the man perfectly. On closer inspection Julian made out the intricate Celtic looking design done is silver thread around the neckline and base of the tunic.

“You came.” Though shocked at the words Julian found it hard not to note the lyrical tone to the man’s voice. “I never thought my call would be answered.”

With a trembling hand the beautiful man reached out and cupped Julian’s stubbled cheek. Julian’s eyes fluttered closed at the touch, deep inside something told him this was where he was meant to be – this place felt like home.

“Where are we? Who are you?” Julian fought to keep his voice strong as he forced his open and once again locked gazes with the man before him.

Pain or maybe hurt washed over the man’s face before he finally spoke. “My name is Oleander Marris. I’d almost given up all hope of ever having you by my side. As to where we are I would only offer this advice. We are where we need to be and I have always been here. Right here waiting…”

The first thing which flooded Julian’s mind was not the fact that he still had no clue where he was but that the man standing in front of him was named after a poisonous flowering bush. What kind of parents did that to their child?

“Oleander, huh? Do you mind if I call you Olli?” He asked casually. Fear spiked through him momentarily when the sense of more people heading their way. “On second thoughts I think we need to get away from here unless we want more people here with us.”

The slight widening of Olli’s eyes told Julian the other man hadn’t sensed the approach of yet more people. Shock rocketed through him when Olli grabbed his hand, and threaded their fingers together, as he began leading Julian through the narrow and shadow filled streets.

“Who’s following us, Olli?” Julian asked as he followed as closely and as quickly as he could.

A unmistakable shudder ran through Olli’s body. “It’s probably the Fearmac and we do not want to be caught by them.”

“And just who are the Fearmac?” Julian demanded as he pulled Olli to a stop.

“Your family, and we have been running from them for as long as I can remember.”

With that one small revealing sentence it was like the walls inside his mind came crashing down and everything that had once been lost was now open for his perusal again. The first and clearest thing was his name – Jewelian Fearmac. First born son of Lorkian Fearmac, and heir to the throne of Abidan Kapalli.

Wherever the hell that was.


  1. This is so, so good! I want more!!! I might have missed an earlier post for this story so I'll ask, Is this something you're working on? Published? WHAT? Sounds like a very good story. Give me a gorgeous man with long, silky hair and I melt! :-P


    1. To be honest it was a dream I had so I thought I would write what I could remember and see if it took anyone's interest before I set about completing the story line and now that I know at least one person wants more I will definitely set about writing it.

      I do have a couple of blog stories going which Cinders tells me I MUST get back to writing and they are in my Labels on the side gadget bar the names are:-

      Sentinels of Varnuse (parallel dimension/shifter)
      #1: When The walls come tumbling down
      #2: Wind Walkers

      Jettermane (a one off Sci-Fi/fey/vampire)

      PS: I hope you enjoy them.

  2. Oh my good grief that was so good. Yes more please. And yeap needs the blog stories done and published.. I need them so bad.


    1. I'm working on it babe I swear - I have also started extending the Blog stories so that when they are done they will be all one book - except Jettermane of course because it is a completely diff story.

  3. U have to finished this story, great start, great plot and wonderful characters. There has to be more....

    1. And there probably will be as soon as I figure out what the hell is going on with the characters - be like Cinders and feel free to send me suggestions, names, etc I keep them all and work them into the story.