Tuesday, 14 May 2013

So Many Things To Do ~ & So Little Time.

It's raining here today and has kind of gotten me in a melancholy mood -  where even though I know I still have so much to do - I just don't wanna do it because there's not enough time to fit every thing in. Mother's Day has come and gone and surprisingly I had a good day my brother (Ted Saddo) and I cooked lunch for everyone - though Miss D made the dessert. (My Present: Em is taking me to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie so I have to wait until August).

I'm still waiting to hear back about Experimentals: Blessed With a Curse (yes, yes, we all know how much I don't like the waiting - but wait I will. I am  in the queue and it will be my turns soon enough).

On the bright side I'm getting tattooed again tomorrow - hopefully we will get most of the sleeve done I can't wait for the whole thing to be finished - not so looking forward to getting tattooed up near my armpit (not for the ouch factor - `cause believe me there will be ouch and a whole lot of swearing going on - but more for the fact I'm very ticklish and once I start laughing I can't stop and we all know you can't laugh and stay still all at the same time). This is the piece we will be working on - I think we are up to the filling in the background with bats etc... it's going to look awesome when it's done (oh yeah, almost forgot we have my elbow to go as well - another painful spot on the body - or so I'm told).

I so wanted to go and see The Neon Trees when they were here touring - but apparently they are only doing two shows one in Victoria and one in New South Wales - so I am shit outa luck because I live in Queensland. Went to buy the tickets to Bon Jovi and still was outa luck because the server crashed and so no one got their tickets - we all have to try again today (I somehow get the feeling it will just be a repeat performance of yesterday - I'm waiting for Em to get home from work so she can do it).

Then to add insult to injury Embry was letting me take an early peek at her cover and all I get is a server error thingy coming up so I have to wait until she comes on the computer so she can either resend the link or just send me the pic. With all this going on you can see why I'm getting absolutely no work done. I am so over the taxes and I am up to the last bit and I just can't be stuffed to finish them - (I will get to them eventually but I am taking the freaking day off).

Just a little something to end off with. 
It has a story rattling round in the back of my head.


  1. Is the rain messing with the computer? Sad face for you. I am waiting too.


    1. I know now why I'm waiting and I will have to wait a little bit longer but hopefully fingers crossed it will all turn out well.