Thursday, 16 May 2013

A Little Piece Of Me...

This is what I got done yesterday - I lasted three & a half hours before I made a complaint and had to put a gold coin donation in the Whinger's Jar. Though Ted did use a different machine on me yesterday and I'm hoping I heal a lot better than I usually do.

Emily is sick = what we thought was a common cold turns out is her throat is closing up each time she coughs = that kid can't do anything by halves. Nothing life threatening just enough to be annoying as hell (for the whole family).

Sadly due to time constraints KB my awesome editor from MLR no longer edits  full time so I am patiently waiting and nervously biting my fingernails awaiting who my new editor will be. Even though it was sad to see KB leave - I am kinda excited and scared all at the same time about getting a new editor - because we will have to learn each others idiosyncrasies. And the new editor will realise just how bad I really am at punctuation - (so I ask for your forgiveness in advance).

Other than that I am doing okay - today I'm pulling out something and I'm just gonna start writing - I don't even care what it is - as long as I'm getting words down in a doc then I'll be happy as...


  1. ICK sorry to hear about Emily I hope they can get her well. Love the tatts and hey complaints after that long should be bowed to.
    And hey if you want to write aussie rancher that needs help went to hire from a new company and they get him an american but not a white american but an american indian I wonder how well they could get together? lol

    1. Actually I like that Rancher story - Think it would fit in well with my Boys From The Bush series.... I need names though - so get your thinking cap on, (a title wouldn't go astray either).

  2. Bush castin'= title; Aussie name: Tasmen; American Indian name: Jolon (means valley of the dead oaks)
    The agency sis an advertisement to get these guys to help out on Aussie farms? I love Bush Bashin so I was trying to stay somewhat with that...whatcha think?