Friday, 26 July 2013

By The Way...

Turns out the insomnia paid off.. I finally finished the free read for the OZ mm Meet in October in Sydney. I also changed the name from Walk This Way to By The Way. It came in at 12,448. I have sent it off to my beta reader Yoda, then it will go to Cinder's O, to make sure I have no holes, and then to the committee for consideration.

So today I'm back onto writing The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows... weirdly, I'm really enjoying writing this story (or should that be re writing) seeing as I have the same script, just different characters and more action.

In my downtime, not that I have a lot of it... I have been writing in long hand... well while I sit there and write Emily has been watching NCIS from the beginning (Love Abbey - followed closely by McGee) I don't watch/listen to a lot of TV but that show is kinda cool.

This was just awesome...

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