Monday, 29 July 2013

Renovation Updates!!!

<= This is how I am feeling todayWell,  I'll start off by saying that over the weekend we painted and built some shelves for the library. - which I have already filled with books  - Again I say I don't think my hubs realises just how many print books I own (been collecting them for over twenty years). So far I have only transferred about a third of my books and have run out of room he is building me more shelves next weekend when he gets home.

On the plus side I can finally see my desktop again in the next couple of days I hope to have it completely cleaned off and set up so that it suits both Em and myself. Em has told me I'm not allowed to clutter up her side with all my research clutter and book notes... I don't do that - a lot... So instead I told the hubs to build himself a desk out in his shed because I'm taking over his spot as well. But I have to say all the spare desk space on Em's end is calling to me I don't think she'll notice if I place about twenty spiral note books in her area... LOL.

PS: I have two days to get everything back into the office that I have spread out all over the kitchen and dining room. My mum get back from her month away on Wednesday, and I want to have the house tidy. Well that, and the hubs threatened to throw it all out if I didn't move it... and considering most of it is story ideas and notes - It would be better if I just moved it.


  1. I told you to double the size of the addition!!

    1. Yeah but I didn't have enough room to make the room bigger - LOL.