Thursday, 11 July 2013

What's On The Agenda For: The Lines Of Marsden.

Today I'm typing up more of my long-hand written parts on The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows. though I may have to go back through and change parts of the story - mainly just the setting locations where my characters are while they are visiting England.

I need some help - I have some maps of England and London and on them I see this symbol ( O ) can anyone tell me what it means... I have worked out the ones for places to sleep, eat, and trains, but the crossed through circle stumps me.

I have asked my beautiful Ginger Ninja (Gabrial Rantisi) if he can help me out with a location, so now I'm asking all the English readers out there: If you were a vampire; where would you live in England, and why? 

These are the must haves for me:
  1. An airport close by.
  2. A church close by (any denomination - but one most English people would attend).
  3. The building Benj lives in needs to be made out of stone/brick.
  4. Somewhere not to far away there needs to be a place a rather large estate would be and not look out of place (also surrounded by trees and no close neighbours).
  5. Any pubs and hotel/motels in the area around Benj's neighbourhood.
I am hoping to get a few suggestions so I can pick and choose between them... I will probably use them all because I seriously have more than one coven in England.


  1. damn...I was in Germany when over there never went to England...I hope you get the you know RJ Scott? HAve an email eventhough they are at uk "grl" at th moment maybe she could help..


    1. I actually never thought of that... I will have to ask other UK authors as well... Thanks - you always have great advice.