Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Rambling On Writing.

Sometimes I have to wonder about my own mind...  when the lines between the stories in my head and the real world sometimes blur... and why my family still put up with me. I've been with my hubs for over ten years. Yet, in the last 5 years since I started taking my writing seriously the poor guy very rarely gets called by his own name. while writing the first Lines of Marsden book he became Christian and in the current one he's answering to Doyle. All I can say is thank God the guy loves me.

He's gone by many names... Christian, Doyle, Kayne, Ren, Knox, Dalar, Liam, Charlie, Damon, Kylfa, Jericho, and so on and so forth - that I thought maybe I should pay him homage and say - that in fact his real name is Steve. In the beginning some people thought I was having an affair, and my dear sweet Hubs says, "Nah, she writes gay porn." I'd just like to point out that I do not, nor have I ever written porn - I write M/M Romance.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way I will talk about what my plans are... 
  1. The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows is on the final read through before I submit it to MLR... 
  2. I'm up to date on my writing time lines for - The Lines of Marsden: You Make Me Die In Pieces - Lancaster's Way: A Different Way Of Seeing - Preternatural High: Welcome To My World. (Still trying to get as much done as possible before I get more edits on Experimentals: Blessed With A Curse - Windblown Kisses: My Knight In Tarnished Armour - By The Way).
  3. Decided that for NaNoWriMo this year I will work on two novella's instead of one story. I'm thinking they'll be - Toowoomba Boys: Dancing With Demons - The Soul Guardians: Loving Callum McKenzie. So I have set them aside so I don't work on them until November.
  4. I've just ordered swag for OzmmMeet in Sydney this year - I think Em's picking it up today from the post office.
  5. Also planning on not letting people use the office for a dumping ground for what gets left on the kitchen bench... I've set up a tray for the stuff and if no one claims the stuff within a week then Mr Wheelie Bin gets to keep it. I finally have the place set up how I want it, and I don't need no bad cluttered mojo in my space. It's bad enough I own a cluttered mind let alone it spilling over into my office.
The only thing I need for all this to work is coffee and lots of it... I'm also trying to stick to my - shut down the computer by 2pm each day... so far in the last 6 months I've only broken that rule twice... and I'm also sticking to having - one day each weekend where I don't get on the computer at all... that one's harder to stick to.


  1. LOL you call your man by character's name... lol oh my... he does love you bunches!!!
    Hugs, Z.

    1. That he does my friend - I drive him nuts but I know he loves me...

  2. I think I need to do your time thing for the computer...hhuummm...if not working I need to be off by ??? LOL I am not sure I could do it every day...I am trying my hardest to get a full time day job sooo if I do then my computer time would be cut to about nil.
    Loving the madness of your gutterville mind.


    1. Aww, Babe, you say the sweetest things to me... I'm glad you get to share it with me - the madness in my gutterville mind that is.