Thursday, 19 December 2013

Carol Lynne ~ Fingerprints & Muddy Feet

Release Date: December 20
Available: Totally Bound

This book is part of the Cattle Valley series.

Making room for two children in a busy household won’t be easy, Ryan and Rio do it with plenty of laughter and tears along the way.

At the age of eighteen, Nate Gills was forced out of his family for being gay. With hush money in his pocket and anger in his heart, Nate fled Washington DC for Chicago to start a new life. Although he eventually found love with two wonderful men, he buried his feelings of abandonment behind a fa├žade of confidence.

When a horrific accident takes the lives of his younger brother and sister-in-law, Nate is forced to revisit the emotions he’d worked so hard to bury. In a twist of fate, Nate is named guardian of a niece and nephew he’s never met, putting him into direct conflict with the father who shunned him so many years earlier.

Will the threesome who have spent years enjoying sexual pleasure whenever and wherever the mood struck, be able to adjust to having two children in the house? Or will they lose their relationship along the way?

“Is that you?” Nate called when he heard the office door open and close.

“No, it’s a terrorist looking for clues as to how I make this city run so smoothly,” Carol answered back.

Nate filled Carol’s usual mug with coffee before carrying it into the reception area. “I need to take the week off,” he told her, setting the cup on the desk. “You think you can handle things while I’m gone?”

Laughing, Carol hung up her coat and dropped her gigantic purse to the floor. “Must I continue to remind you that your job is to sit behind that big desk of yours and look pretty while I do all the actual work around here?”

“Funny, that’s what Ethan said last time you were gone,” Nate said. He couldn’t hide his grin. Except for his two men, Carol was his favorite person in Cattle Valley. Not only was she a loyal secretary, but a tried and true friend.

“You’re a damn liar.” Carol sat in her chair and reached for her coffee. She took a sip and moaned. “But you do make a great cup of coffee.” She eyed Nate over the rim of her mug. “So have you and the other wild ones decided to get out of this snow and head for the beach again?”

“My brother and his wife were killed last night when their plane went down in a field. I need to go to Baltimore to attend their funerals and check on my niece and nephew,” Nate explained. He prepared himself for the barrage of questions he was sure would follow.

“I’m sorry.” Carol set down her cup and reached for Nate’s hand. “I’ll ask George and Trick to look after your horses while you’re away.”

It said a lot about the woman that she accepted and commiserated without prying into Nate’s personal life. Although he enjoyed sparring with Carol, down deep, Nate couldn’t imagine his life without her. “I’d appreciate that, thanks.”

Carol waved away his words. “You’d do the same for me. Well, maybe not me, but you’d do the same for George and Trick.” She grinned and stood up. “Just get your ass back here before I decide to give Ethan and myself a raise.” Her eyes sparkled before wrapping her arms around him. “A big one.”

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