Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Unexpected Twists In The Story...

I was writing in long hand last night, and this version of The Lines Of  Marsden: Living In Shadows, has taken a twist that I never expected - Doyle has gone missing, and Michael is about to lose it big time to get him back even if that means tearing apart the whole of Great Britain to do so - I pity the dumbarses that took him as Michael wrath has got everyone running scared.

With the help of Gabrial R I have found some awesome places which actually have Marsden in the name so I'm going to work a few of them into the story in future books. 

I have to admit... Living In Shadows, has been a long time in coming - even though I've had the story written for over a year  - it just didn't feel right to me, and hence the re write and now this direction seems to be in a better place... I took the advice from the editor Kimberly B on the first TLOM book and made it a bit more gutsier.

Fingers crossed you all think so as well, and  you all like where the story is headed... On that note I must away as I have some more writing to do.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I Signed A New Contract.

I signed the contract on Windblown Kisses: My Knight In Tarnished Armour today and it took me three goes to fill in the cover art request - because someone who I will not mention who has a name that sounds a hell of a lot like mine - kept deleting it instead of saving it. Now I remember how much I suck at the Silver editing process... but I will get better as the days and edits go along.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Renovation Updates!!!

<= This is how I am feeling todayWell,  I'll start off by saying that over the weekend we painted and built some shelves for the library. - which I have already filled with books  - Again I say I don't think my hubs realises just how many print books I own (been collecting them for over twenty years). So far I have only transferred about a third of my books and have run out of room he is building me more shelves next weekend when he gets home.

On the plus side I can finally see my desktop again in the next couple of days I hope to have it completely cleaned off and set up so that it suits both Em and myself. Em has told me I'm not allowed to clutter up her side with all my research clutter and book notes... I don't do that - a lot... So instead I told the hubs to build himself a desk out in his shed because I'm taking over his spot as well. But I have to say all the spare desk space on Em's end is calling to me I don't think she'll notice if I place about twenty spiral note books in her area... LOL.

PS: I have two days to get everything back into the office that I have spread out all over the kitchen and dining room. My mum get back from her month away on Wednesday, and I want to have the house tidy. Well that, and the hubs threatened to throw it all out if I didn't move it... and considering most of it is story ideas and notes - It would be better if I just moved it.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

I Found It!!!

I found my missing CD - Placebo: Without you I'm Nothing. It was hidden among my numerous amount of David Bowie CDs... I was jumping round like a loon, and had both Em and the hubs looking at me like I had lost my ever living fricken mind.

We  are doing more renovations this weekend - I can tell you I will be fricken ecstatic when the renovations are over and done with.

Also I just passed 75K in The Lines of Marsden: Living In Shadows re write. I'm enjoying the knew track it has taken.

Friday, 26 July 2013

By The Way...

Turns out the insomnia paid off.. I finally finished the free read for the OZ mm Meet in October in Sydney. I also changed the name from Walk This Way to By The Way. It came in at 12,448. I have sent it off to my beta reader Yoda, then it will go to Cinder's O, to make sure I have no holes, and then to the committee for consideration.

So today I'm back onto writing The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows... weirdly, I'm really enjoying writing this story (or should that be re writing) seeing as I have the same script, just different characters and more action.

In my downtime, not that I have a lot of it... I have been writing in long hand... well while I sit there and write Emily has been watching NCIS from the beginning (Love Abbey - followed closely by McGee) I don't watch/listen to a lot of TV but that show is kinda cool.

This was just awesome...

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Why is it?

Why is it the more I try and tidy the office up, the worse it seems to look? I have things stacked everywhere and the can't be put away until the shelves are put into the office/library extension (Books, CDs, & DVDs).

Though, I'm proud that I worked out how to hook up the printer all by myself. and have the cables run under the desk and not above it. So now my end of the office is looking pretty good - well mostly good - okay, okay, I still have tons of crap to do before I can see the whole desktop.

I think we will all be happy to know I got some sleep last night... six hours to be exact which is a miracle for me. And the biggest shocker is I didn't write one word on The Lines of Marsden Living in Shadows... and only 1K on Walk This Way (Which I am seriously thinking about changing the title on because it doesn't suit it now or maybe it does if the finish ends up where I want it to).

So today I am going to try and finish the last of the clean up on my side of the office, and the last 3 K on Walk This Way before I get off the computer this afternoon... I also have RL stuff to do; like washing the clothes and hanging them out to dry... I hate washing in winter.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Insomnia: Sleep, Who Needs It?

I swear the more I try to sleep - the worse it gets. I finally forced myself to go to bed at half past midnight and I was still lying there awake until 3 a.m. I was awake by 5:30 when Em started getting ready for work. Some night I'm lucky if I get 5 hours tops.

I hear you asking me what is keeping me up at nights? The answer is really simple - Michael-bloody-Marsden... more precisely I am up to the last four chapters in Living in Shadows and I'm trying to work out the sequence of events in those last four chapters. - I want to get it right...

It would be okay if the scene he is giving me was for this book but it isn't it's a scene in the beginning of book 4: The Trail Of Red Roses. For some reason I don't think the characters in The Lines Of Marsden are going to let me rest in between their books.

Poor Vlad, who runs the space inside my head where all my characters live; is run off his feet trying to keep everyone happy. Last night around 2 a.m. he was threatening to pack his possessions and leave - which would be okay, except he thinks Doyle from TLOM and Jhex from SOE are his possessions. So now I am being blackmailed by the people in my head - how is that fair?

On that note I am back to the computer and getting more words down to make people happy so they don't leave... Oh yeah, I'm so not under the command of my characters, but shhh, don't tell them I said that.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Today I am...

Today I'm going to finish the first round of edits on Experimentals: Blessed With A Curse... I have to add a scene... And weirdly I think this is a good thing. (They have been completed and Sent back).

I also need to finish the last 6K on Walk This Way - the free read for Oz mm Meet in October. Once I can get that done and off to James A, then I can sub it to the person who is putting the anthology together. If you haven't checked out the meet he is a little info.

I also have to try and finish typing up Chapters 11-14 of The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows...
slow going but I will get there eventually in a couple of more chapters I will be done. Though, on this book I'm sure the editor will ask me to split the chapters... I always find that so hard to do.

In book three: You Make Me Die In Pieces the heart of the line comes together and they have to work out how the hell to work as a cohesive unit and not accidentally kill each other in the process. And a bit more of Michael's prophecy comes to light.

Monday, 22 July 2013


Well the Reno's are coming along nicely... we painted over the weekend - well only the undercoat but we are getting there. The hubs was home for a couple of days so we got as much done as possible the next stint will involve assembling the shelves... So my poor computer has been covered in a sheet to keep the dust out for the weekend.

Though of a night while the hubs watched T.V. I sat up with him and wrote out in long hand chapters 13 & 14 in The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows...

This is the part where everything changes for Michael... the dreams are all starting to come true.Yes even the one about Christian breaking his heart.

Also Christian is finding out more about his past and how nothing is actually like he thought it was.

Benj and Michael have to learn to work together even though they have a tendency to disagree on exactly who Christian should be with.

And Doyle, well he has his own set of issues he has to come to terms with.

I have received and started on the first round of edits on Experimentals: Blessed With A Curse. Luckily my editor Steve L, explains shit so I can understand it. and once I have done the minor cosmetic things in the storyline I will go back through and add the expanded explanations he says are needed (which I totally agree with - I have a tendency to forget not everyone is a mind reader and can see what's on the inside of my brain).

Friday, 19 July 2013

Lancaster's Way #3: Pre-Loved.

I was kept awake by more weird dreams last night... they wake me up at the oddest times and this time it had to do with my boys from Lancaster's Way: Pre-Loved...

This is what I remember - that two of the hands are out riding fences after the rain and come across a shallow grave on the other side of the fence line. The police are called into investigate and this is what ensues...

Chester Roth (Chet) loves his dysfunctional sister and there isn't anything he wouldn't do for. That's the reason he now finds himself with sole custody of her two children when her life runs off the rails. Chet took the children and ran to the small community of Lancaster, needing to get as far away from his troubled sister as possible. He hasn't heard from her in nearly a year when all hell breaks loose.

Deputy Oliver Jones has the unfortunate task of informing Chester of his sister's Alicia's murder, most time the closest living relative is to blame and so far all the fingers are pointing straight at Chet. Alicia is a  woman Oliver is quite familiar with. What he isn't expecting to find is his son who has been missing for more than two years to answer the door. he would know those eye's anywhere.

Oliver wants his son back but Chet is determined to keep the children with him. Chet grudgingly allows Oliver to come and spend time with Ryan. Trying to hide his growing attraction to the deputy Chet has to work out  why someone is trying to ruin his life he needs all the help he can get even if it does come in the form of a sexy as fuck deputy.

The question is: Is Chet being set up as a scape goat for the real killer, or did he kill his sister in an effort to save his niece and nephew?

Thursday, 18 July 2013

So Much To Do

Today I thought I would give you a quick run through of all the writing I have on my plate for the next six months... I don't expect to have it all done, but I'm going to give it a bloody good go.

These are in no particular order, and all are in some stage of being done  - ranging from 300 wordage - to 60K wordage. Some are done completely and I'm just doing the last minute head hopping run through. I may not get them submitted this year', but at least Ill have most of them done or close enough to it.

  • The Lines of Marsden: Living In Shadows. (2) 
  • Toowoomba Boys: Dancing With Demons. (3) 
  • Lancaster's Way: A Different Way Of Seeing. (2) 
  • The Soul Guardians: Loving Callum McKenzie. (1) 
  • Experimentals: Running Into Zero Tolerance. (2)
  • Sons Of Evenmore: Blood to Blood. (2)
  • Windblown Kisses: His Damsel In Disgrace. (2)
  • The Diamond Rose: Undiscovered Hearts (1)
  • Pack Matters: Chasing Dreams Of You (1)
  • SPAM Inc: Claiming Roxy's Heart (1)
  • Chronicles Of Gaea: Admetus Gaea (1)
  • Day Walkers: Real You (1)
  • Taking Chances: Lie To Me. (1)
  • The Masters of Time: On The Flipside of Reverse (2)
  • The Freedomers.
  • Walk This Way.
  • TASH.
  • Scream My Name.
  • Before I Forget.
  • In The Shadow Of The Dragon.
  • Truly, Madly, Deeply.
  • De la Ruse.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

I Need Coffee, So It's Em's Turn.

I had a crap sleep last night because I kept having weird dreams - until in the end I had to get up and write them down. So now I need to listen to some music just to calm and sooth my brain enough to be able to think clearly.

So Enjoy

Just because Darren Hayes looks so beautiful here.

This song reminds me of Michael Marsden (TLOM)

I just like this song.

Another brilliant song which reminds me of TLOM characters.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Weekend Off - Well Mostly.

I had no computer time over the weekend, (well on Saturday I did a quick run through of all emails), but then I shut down so I could spend the day with Emily watching DVD's... I can't even remember what we watched - I think it was The Avengers and the Iron Man movies... Though I did take Sunday off completely and slept the day away... I needed the sleep.

I also wrote in long hand while watching these movies on Saturday, because the voices in my head won't shut the hell up. The character's for The Lines Of Marsden want book 2: Living in Shadows done and submitted. Apparently, they also wanted a major re write so that is what I've been doing.

Also on Saturday I wrote a bit on Walk This Way - I was supposed to be writing this story for the whole weekend but TLOM just took over. Apparently, they want the next instalment of their story told. Though at some stage in the early hours of Sunday morning I had another plot jump into my head and had to get the start of it down. This story revolves around a band called: Darkest Days... I have no title as yet, but I was thinking something along the line of Truly, Madly, Deeply... but this name could change if I think of a better one.

Also Cinders O has the first 10 chapters of The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows to see if I have left major holes... Hopefully there won't be too many.

10 bits of information on the story line. 

1: Thus far I have brought characters into the story line earlier than I had originally intended.
2: Doyle has more of a presence in this book.
3: Gypsy has decided to make her own path in the story away from what I had planned but I think she is right and it works way better
4: Benj decided he din't want to have to wait for his time and wanted in now.
5: Sebastian is learning he is not the baddest of the the bad out there.
6: Michael is learning words said in haste have a weird way of being true.
7: Not everyone is who they appear to be.
8: The past is definitely coming back to bite some people on the arse, especially Christian and Benj.
9: Jaffa and Maffa will make a strong impact on how Michael's vampire family sees themselves.
10: There is more in the world than Michael ever thought possible.

Oh Yeah, I also just subbed Windblown Kisses: My Knight in Tarnished Armour to Silver Publishing...

Friday, 12 July 2013

Today... Yep, That's All I Got.

This is what the inside of my head feels like today. Usually I would be okay with that because I love bats and all... but today I need to focus.

Yesterday I finished the re-write of Chapters 9 & 10 in The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows and sent it off to my beta reader Yoda. Hopefully he will get them back to me soon. I have to type up chapters 11 & 12.

I am waiting for the electrician to arrive as he is going to put a new light in my office extensions... he should be here in about 15 minutes if he doesn't hit road works.

Also my car went in today to have the gears checked... weirdly for some reason they feel like they are out of sync and it's so hard o get them into gear... bet it costs me a fricken fortune. My luck I would need a whole new gearbox.

Lastly and this one just topped off my day (By the way for me it is only 8:20am)... The Hubs, wonderful man that he is missed his fricken flight to New Zealand... He forgot to set his alarm. so he frantically had to change everything for a flight tonight that I know he won't dare be late for boarding.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

What's On The Agenda For: The Lines Of Marsden.

Today I'm typing up more of my long-hand written parts on The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows. though I may have to go back through and change parts of the story - mainly just the setting locations where my characters are while they are visiting England.

I need some help - I have some maps of England and London and on them I see this symbol ( O ) can anyone tell me what it means... I have worked out the ones for places to sleep, eat, and trains, but the crossed through circle stumps me.

I have asked my beautiful Ginger Ninja (Gabrial Rantisi) if he can help me out with a location, so now I'm asking all the English readers out there: If you were a vampire; where would you live in England, and why? 

These are the must haves for me:
  1. An airport close by.
  2. A church close by (any denomination - but one most English people would attend).
  3. The building Benj lives in needs to be made out of stone/brick.
  4. Somewhere not to far away there needs to be a place a rather large estate would be and not look out of place (also surrounded by trees and no close neighbours).
  5. Any pubs and hotel/motels in the area around Benj's neighbourhood.
I am hoping to get a few suggestions so I can pick and choose between them... I will probably use them all because I seriously have more than one coven in England.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

You Know Life Sucks When...

When you break your favourite coffee cup and can't buy a new one for 3 fricken days...

When you can't find the storyline notes because the renovations are taking too long, and you have no clue where you stacked the pile of spiral notebooks that you need.

When you can find every other CD that you own except the one you are damn looking for, (seriously if anyone out there knows what the hell I've done with my Placebo CD: Without You I Am Nothing... let me know).

When you step in a puddle and realise you must have a split in the sole because you socks get all wet.

& finally (now this will make you all laugh): When you go to feed the birds and a fricken galah shits on your head... not once, but three times...

Monday, 8 July 2013

So How's It Going?

I have had a very busy last couple of days. Friday: Took em to a doctor appointment in Toowoomba and met up with my niece for lunch. Saturday: Went back to Toowoomba and got some supplies to do more in the renovations on my office/library (Paint -I am painting it a light grey colour called "Mouse".) Then I went to the hardware and picked up external corners and stuff to do the plastering. Sunday: I actually had a break and the hubs did whatever he needed to do in the office and Monday: (Today) Em had to go to the dentist for her 6 month check-up and has to have two of her teeth removed.

Though yesterday, I did write about 8k in long-hand on The Lines of Marsden: Living in Shadows. So the day wasn't a total loss for me. I have completely lost my fricken mind because instead of following the original plot line I have made some massive changes that I hope will make the story a better read... Now I have to work out which airport is closest to the Harlingford Hotel in England and how far it is from Central London... any help would be greatly appreciated.

 Cinder's O... I will be asking for you to do some reading for me if you have time... same as you did on Windblown Kisses: My Knight In Tarnished Armour.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Em's Turn

Just thought you would like to hear a few songs,

that I'm listening to at the moment


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Inspirational Pictures.

Someone posted this on Facebook and I thought it was worthy of a share. Doesn't this picture scream out to you all - I have a story to tell? Or is that just me? At the moment I'm not sure who I will use him as... but this guy whoever he is, is simply stunning.

I might have to use him for inspiration in something Kate Saddo (my YA persona) would write because he seems a little young to me.

This is another picture I borrowed from face book because I thought he would make great character inspiration for my YA writing. Again I have no clue who he is or even how old he is. I just thought he was kind of beautiful and looked young enough to be in a YA story.

Again not sure which story I would put him in but I know there is a character out there for me who has his looks. I may even use him as one of the main characters in my Preternatural High story line.

This Picture of Andy Sixx is inspirational for my character Jesse MacArthur who is a feline shifter, who is very protective of the boy he thinks may possible be his life mate.

In this series I actually have the first two stories started but recently they have been put on the back burner for a bit... until I can work out where the story is heading.

I'm pretty sure this guy is Roger Garth (model) he is the inspiration for  Skyler Tate... the would-be mate of Jesse. For some reason both looks just seem to mesh for me.

Skyler is so much preternatural as he is magical. mind you he thinks he is human so it is a bit of a shock for him when he learns the truth about his heritage and what Jesse could mean to him. I'm taking a little bit longer on these stories just to make sure I get it right and don't make it too Adult in nature.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Just A Quickie...

<= This is just a nice bit of eye candy courtesy of Cinders O She is helping me locate inspirational pictures for some of my characters. - This guy right here is for Dominic (no last name as yet) and he is not all that he seems.

Lunch yesterday was totally awesome and it was great to put faces to names. It's a good feeling I will actually know people before October rolls around. Found out we all have so much in common, even though we come from different backgrounds.

Cinders O is at this moment reading through Windblown Kisses: My Knight in Tarnished Armour... and has already pointed out some interesting things to me so when I get it back I will have a little bit of tweaking to do... but I don't mind because she is doing exactly what I asked her to do. I think as the author I don't see what the reader does and I know this will be a great insight for me. I am hoping that by the end you as the readers won't get left with any unanswered questions.

Today I am working on Walk This Way which is a short 10K story and will be somehow involved with the OZmmMeet in October... I will keep you informed on what is happening.