Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy Fricken New Year...

I must admit I was asleep well and truly before the midnight hour struck...

Blog Stories:
Okay, so I've been thinking - you can all stop laughing now - I've actually been thinking about my unfinished blog stories and realised why I just stopped... I think I need to go back through and revamp them and start again from the beginning... If that makes sense. I honestly believe that The Sentinels or Varnuse & Jettermane are missing something.

Thoughts on 2014:
Set Little goals often and then at the end of the year look back and see just how much you have achieved - you will be amazed... My first goal starts today Jan 1: Finish the last 3K on Sons of Evenmore: Blood to Blood and send it to my Beta reader - James A.

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