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Sentinels of Varnuse: When The Walls Come Tumbling Down #4.

As the music changed Quinlan stood in front of the cleric and listened to the instructions he was receiving for what was about to happen. The change in tempo was the cue to let everyone present know Brayden was about to enter the room and complete the final stage of their marriage ceremony. Quin’s eyes blurred with the onset of tears as his sons preceded Brayden—who was being escorted by his uncle—down the aisle to stop beside him.

They stood holding hands while facing each other as Cleric Saskia performed the ritual blessing bonding them together forever. This day was one Quin had been dreaming of for over half his life. His fingers trembled as he reached across and gently brushed a tear from Brayden’s cheek. His soon to be husband was absolutely breathtaking as he stood there in the ceremonial robes in varying shades of blue. The fine layer of khole around Bray’s vibrant blue eyes made them stand out. The way Bray’s hair had been pulled back off of his heart shaped face had Quin wanting to reach out and loosen the clasp so the strand of midnight black fell to frame the perfection before him. The slight quiver to the full mouth had Quin’s own heart racing.

Quinlan mostly didn’t remember anything being said during the ceremony, not even the parts where he and Brayden said their vows. His awareness was totally caught up in bray’s eyes and what they held within them. It wasn’t until Brayden leaned in and kissed him that he even realised the ceremony had ended. It was done—he’d finally married the man of his heart.

“You are forever mine, my love.” Quin whispered against Brayden’s ear as he embraced him, and hugged him close.

“I have always been yours.” Brayden answered solemnly.

Now was the more confronting part. Quin hoped Bray wasn’t too shy for what needed to happen next. “Are you ready to consummate our vows; to bind us together for all eternity?”

Brayden nodded slowly; something akin to terror in his eyes. Quin placed his hand against Bray’s chest and felt his husband’s heart racing. Slowly so not to scare Bray completely Quinlan took his hand and led him towards the consummation bed. In that moment he was grateful when Alexis led the children from the room; this was something he didn’t want the boys to see. Not that he thought that this was wrong; he just thought Killian and Larkin were a bit too young to see this particular part of their father’s relationship.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Quin whispered between kisses as he slowly helped Brayden remove his clothing. His fingertips tingled as they ran across Brayden’s bared shoulders and down onto his chest.

“Do they have to be in the room with us when we do this? Couldn’t we at least put up some kind of privacy screen?” Brayden whispered his eyes were lowered to the ground.  Quinlan had remembered that as children this was something Bray would do when they were in trouble—if he couldn’t see the people in the room with them, then they weren’t really here.

Quinlan chuckled, “Oh Bray, my love. I’m sorry, but yes; they need to be here. They need to witness the actual act so no one can claim we didn’t fully complete the consummation. I swear to you; if it weren’t necessary, I would boot their arses out as I ravaged your body to my heart’s content.”

Brayden closed his eyes and shuddered. “Okay, Quinlan, I can do this.”

As Quinlan untied the knots on Brayden’s trousers; loosening them until they easily slid down his legs his lover’s body trembled with what he hoped was need. Brayden Stepped out of his trousers and smiled shyly as Quinlan laid him out upon the bed. He couldn’t help but notice Brayden’s blush deepen as the witnesses moved in to get a better view of what was going to take place.

“Don’t think about them; you focus on me, and we’ll get through this together.” Quin leaned down and lightly kissed Brayden on the forehead. “The only people who matter here are you and me.”
“Okay,” Brayden answered. “Just you and me.”

Quinlan quickly stood up and took the opportunity to shed his own clothes. Crawling back onto the bed he moved until he was lying on top of Brayden, and covering him completely. “You know I have to be the one to take you… is that going to be okay with you?”

Brayden only nodded and his blush deepened further still. Quin moaned as Bray brought his arms up until they wrapped around his neck. A small tug had Quin closing the distance between them and delving into a deep kiss. Brayden’s gaze heated up as Quin’s tongue invaded his happiness Quin realised Brayden gave himself over to the sensation and was fully blocking everyone else out.

“Love you,” Quinlan murmured as they broke apart. He reached over and grabbed the lubricant, because there was no way he was willing to hurt Brayden in any way, shape, or form. Knowing Brayden had never been with anyone else was just a bonus, and had Quinlan as hard as hell as he began the series of touches to loosen his lover’s body and allow him entry.

Brayden’s eyes widened as Quin’s fingers trace over his hole, and Quin loved how his husband’s back arched with the slightest bit of pressure.


The tears glistening in Brayden’s eyes told Quin his lover was feeling the burn. Quin wanted to reassure him that it wouldn’t last long. Instead he leant down and claimed Brayden’s mouth in a searing kiss.

“Look at me... focus on me, Bray... nobody else.” Quin demanded when he managed to break the kiss.

Brayden moaned as Quin replaced his fingers with his manhood. Quinlan worried his lover still wasn’t ready. The whimper that fell from Bray’s lips all but undid Quin as he penetrated Bray’s body. The tight heat which welcomed him was overwhelming and Quin forced himself to focus so he didn’t come too quickly. He wanted to make this as perfect for Bray as possible.

The murmuring in the background he could have definitely done without.

“Love you baby,” Quin repeated over and over. With every thrust he wanted to show Bray exactly how much he was truly loved. And just how much Quinlan needed the man in his life.

Brayden groaned as Quin once more invaded his mouth. The way Bray began pushing up against him, meeting every thrust showed Quin something had changed. The next words out of Bray’s mouth only confirmed his thoughts.

“More Quin, I need...” Bray trailed off on a deep moan and Quinlan increased his pace.
Brayden panting in pleasure had Quin feeling the orgasm tearing through his own body, and burning him up from the inside. Brayden screamed out Quinlan’s name, and Quin felt the heated splash of cum coat his body. It was all Quin needed to fall over the edge into his own pleasure as he buried himself as deep as he could in his lover’s body. Each pulse of his seed filling Brayden was just another binding link between them—he came with Brayden’s name on his lips.

Collapsing on top of Brayden he struggled to get his breathing under control. A smile played across his lips. Brayden was his... body and soul. Nothing would ever be able to tear them apart.

“It is done. The marriage has been consummated. From this day forward they will be known as Quinlan and Brayden Macallister. Also from this day forward, and by the laws of Panthea they are now our king and his consort.”

Quinlan chuckled as Brayden squirmed beneath him in obvious embarrassment at having forgotten they weren’t alone.

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