Thursday, 27 March 2014

Just A Quickie.

I so need me one of these!

Okay I'll be working in long hand today as I'll be sitting in a hospital waiting for Em to have her dental surgery done (removal of two lower wisdom teeth). She's getting nervous as... while I'm just wishing it was done and we were back at home. Though before the op we'll be busy running around Toowoomba looking for new slippers/ugg boots for her because hers busted last night... so today I'm back to writing scenes for: I Couldn't Care Less What You Think. Or maybe even writing the scenes to link together what I already have.


  1. I need to get Zach two top ones removed i am not looking forward to it

    1. Apart from the cost she came through okay but we had a tragic day all round yesterday my nephew was killed in a car crash by a drunk driver and his wife isn't looking too good they took her from Toowoomba to Brisbane today to see the nuero specialist ... his two sisters are more battered and bruised and in deep shock and his infant son is okay - thank fuck for baby capsules... his other two girls were with their grandparents... so I'm gonna be hit an miss for awhile.