Monday, 10 March 2014

My Weekend...

To be honest I didn't do a hell of a lot except catch up on stuff around the house. But here's a  quick run-down. 
  • It looked so hard like it was going to rain--but didn't. I read a whole series by R.E. Butler ~ The Wolf's Mate. I think there are six of them so far. It really felt strange reading MF after reading so much MM lately. 
  • I also pre ordered the next book in the Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire. I bought a new office chair as the locking mechanism is broken on mine. 
  • I had like a 1000 emails waiting for me to go through. I can't believe there is so many. I suppose that's what I get for staying off the computer for two whole days.
  • Got talked into joining Em's fitness group... don't know how I will fair, but I will give it a go... first day there and the instructor didn't turn up so we got to go home.
  • Started working on Scene's for my Good Reads ~Don't Read In The Closet: Love's Landscape story:~ I Couldn't Care Less What You Think. Never did much and will have to convert it to the computer at some stage.

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