Thursday, 24 April 2014

As If I'm Not Busy Enough...

One of my new story WIPS has up and decided it needs to be re-written. It was about wolves, but the characters have now decided they want to be lions. So I've put it on the schedule, which doesn't seem to be getting any damn shorter. In fact I swear for everyone I take off -- two more take it's place.

Other than that I'm trying to get on top of my BAS for the taxation office... being ill for the last quarter has me scrambling to find where everyone has stuck their receipts for me to claim. I gave them both plastic envelopes to use and do the use them....Nooooo. It drives me nuts, but I hope to have it finished today.


  1. Oh yeah..lions love it, maybe throw in a fae or

    You are bloody brilliant and please take care,of yourself.

    1. Thanks Darlin', I have too catch up the house work today but I will get back into writing tomorrow... I have enough fey to contend with in the next Experimentals book and the next Lines of Marsden book...LOL.