Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Super Secret Project!!!

Actually, I don't really have a secret - I'm one of those awful people who forget things are secret and blab...

I'm getting ready to sub another  of the Silver books just trying to figure out who to send it to.

I'm also playing catch up on my spreadsheet idea... where I have the spreadsheets for all my series and individual books... While doing galley proof for MLRPress last week I caught up on the Sons of Evenmore & then the two series which I was meant to actually publish before it... Pack Matters & Watson Falls... This way when I go back and write the beginning of the story line it will be so much easier to find information about events which are yet to take place... and who did what. I'm also thinking this would be handy to send to my editor so she has notes from all books in case she needs to double check things.

Today I have a meeting at 10:15 a.m. and then after that I'm going to be working on my Goodreads freebie for the Don't Read in the Closet 2014: Love's Landscape... I have to type up all my long hand and work out how to piece it all together so that it still makes sense. I'm hoping to still get I Couldn't Care Less What You Think done and in before the time is up, but have been thankful I have an extension if needed.

I also subbed The Connelly Chronicles: Family Connections to Totally Bound today. I debated long and hard about where to send it, but after talking to my daughter she wanted me to try Totally Bound seeing as we buy a lot of books from them... So I thought why not. Fingers crossed that it gets picked up.

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