Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Have you ever heard two more beautiful words when you're an author than **THE END** that's what I've just written in Toowoomba Boys 3: Dancing With Demons. I've only seconds ago sent it off to the beta reader to get his take on the story line.

Tomorrow a lot sooner than I thought I'll be starting on Lancaster's Way 2: A Different Way Of Seeing. So the picture of the two shirtless cowboys is to get me in the mood to write Chase's story.

On other news I never heard back from the doctors so I'm assuming all is well and they removed enough of area around the Basal Cell Carcinoma so that it's all gone.

I've also sent the wonderful Christie N and updated version of the stories heading her way as I catch up on all my series with MLRpress. I know they won't all be released at once but I should have a nice selection between now and the end of the year.

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