Saturday, 3 May 2014

What's The Goss!!!

I'm at the stage where my brain is on overload and if I don't get those stories out then we're in for one hell of a mess...

Why is it when my schedule is chocker's I have new story ideas jumping at me left right and centre? I've now constantly got a note pad and pen sitting beside me at all times so I can scribble down all the fragmented thoughts that are screaming to be heard.

Looks like winter might finally be starting to show itself... I had to put my slippers on today, but that could be just because it's all overcast and rainy.

OMG people: you are never going to believe what I found... The missing keys to the safe--I've only been looking for them for over a year... Better late than never I suppose... maybe I should clean all the crap out of the office drawers more often. The real question is: why did I keep all the crap in the first place?That one may never be answered.

On that note I'm outa here or I'll never finish writing: Trying Not To Love You...


  1. Yay found have a good writing day and take breaks.

    1. Took a huge break & never wrote at all, ended up going through all my receipts for my BAS (tax).