Saturday, 5 July 2014

I Got Sidetracked

I swear to God that I started off doing research on vampiric behaviour, and culture... I was determined to read as much as possible than one thing led to another and I suddenly found myself re reading the whole Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead... I don't know how I even got from one topic to the other. But, I will say this for the lady, for me she sure wrote Rose Hathaway's character perfectly. I'd actually forgotten how much I enjoyed these books the first time around... Next time I shouldn't wait so long before I read them.

I've been so good up until now with keeping on track, but recently I keep wanting to re read books I've had for yonks. Every time I go into my library the Claudia Gray's: Evernight series is calling to me. I don't know why I'm suddenly into reading the YA books again, but thus far I've really been enjoying them.


  1. The last few days I've also been reading some of my old favorites. So, don't be that hard on yourself. Maybe it's something in the water. Lol

  2. I get the idea in my head that I want to try my hand at YA writing... but it's harder than it looks.